A Summary of Study on Soil Adhesion
    Ren Luquan, Chen Dexing, Chen Bingcong
    1990, 6(1): 1-7.
    Abstract PDF
    A Study on Adhesion-reducing Methods of Terrain-machine
    Cong Qian, Ren Luquan, Chen Bingcong, Su Fei
    1990, 6(1): 8-14.
    Abstract PDF
    Initial Analysis on the Law of Reducing Adhesion of Soil Animals
    Ren Luquan, Chen Dexing, Hu Jianguo
    1990, 6(1): 15-20.
    Abstract PDF
    A Theoretic Model for Optimum Factor Setting and Choice of Technical Structure in Agriculture Mechanized
    Meng Fan-qi, Long Zhen-zhong, Li Lun-ji, Wang Wei-pei
    1990, 6(1): 21-32.
    Abstract PDF
    The Economic Appraisal Systems (EAS) for Constructing the Egg-meat Chicken Farm
    Yuan Bai-rui, Luo Jing-Wen, Li Chang-lin, Liu Heng, Yan Han-ping
    1990, 6(1): 33-39.
    Abstract PDF
    Studies on the Optimal Arrangement of Region Agriculture Resources——Taking Cangzhou region for example
    Lu Fubao, You Maozheng
    1990, 6(1): 40-47.
    Abstract PDF
    The Spectral Measuremenet of the Solar Global Radiation and Its Energy Distrubution
    Wang Xiulan
    1990, 6(1): 48-54.
    Abstract PDF
    Test and Research on the Multi-Layer Drying for Onion
    Tang Xueshi, Xu Naizhang
    1990, 6(1): 55-61.
    Abstract PDF
    Design and Study of a Conduction Type High Temperature Short Time Rotary Drum Dryer
    Ying Yibin, Wan Shanyang, Li Zhifeng
    1990, 6(1): 62-68.
    Abstract PDF
    A New Design for Animal and Poultry Raising Houses in High Temperature and High Humidity Region
    Qiu Zhengwang
    1990, 6(1): 69-77.
    Abstract PDF
    A Research Project on Phytotron With Natural Lighting
    Wang Huiyong, Wang Songtao, Sun Xuebing, Wang Deyou, Lang Lingqiao
    1990, 6(1): 78-84.

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