Analysis and experiment of the bionic drag reduction characteristics of potato digging shovels on clayey black soil conditions
    Calibration of rototilled soil discrete element parameters after rotary tillage in the preparation process of rapeseed mechanized direct seeding micro-ridge seed bed
    Spatial-temporal variability of natural factors in border fieldsand its effect on irrigation performance
    Applicability of the Aquacrop model in optimization of irrigation and salt leaching schedule during the reproductive period of cotton in Northern Xinjiang of China
    Effects of rated flow rate and lateral position on the clogging of button-type emitter and its mechanism analysis
    Unidirectional freeze-thaw induced perturbations on layer-specific organic carbon mineralization of a Mollisol
    Downscaling and fusion of satellite products: A case study of Lantsang River Basin
    Detection of potato seed buds based on an improved YOLOv7 model
    Classification and recognition of camellia oleifera fruit in the field based on transfer learning and YOLOv8n
    Effects of biochar and organic fertilizer on sorption and dissipation of dinotefuran in paddy soil
    Effects of iron-modified and phosphorus loaded biochar on phosphorus utilization and yield of peanut under film mulching
    Effect of biogas slurry pretreatment combined with freeze-thaw on the physicochemical characteristics of rice straw
    Optimization and experiment of the fertilizer apparatus with staggered gears
    Assessing risk of agricultural non-point source pollution in Three Gorges Reservoir Areas
    Spatial characteristics and residents' perception differences of different types of rural areas in suburbs of metropolis
    Ecological agriculture connotation and pathway of high-quality agricultural development system in Northwest arid region
    Optimizing spatial coordination layout between town and agriculture using PLUS spatial decision model
    Landscape characteristics and regional differences of the green space within the rural settlements in Shaanxi Province of China
    An online real-time detection system for cracked eggs using improved YOLOv7
    Finite element modelling and analysis of solidification process of eggs using ohmic treatment
    Quantitative detection of surimi adulteration based on spectral reconstruction of RGB images
    Minimum-jerk velocity planning and control for CVT tractorvelocity regulation
    Design and experiments of the whole field path trackingalgorithm for a track-based harvester
    Centering grabbing with variable orientation envelope for hydroponic leafy vegetables cultivated in pipeline
    Design and experiment of the cleaning device with double-layer vibrating air-sieve for edible sunflower seeds
    Finite volume method for simulating water hammer in pumping stations with free-surface flow and optimization of surge chamber
    Effects of pump blade cutting on the performance ofa hydraulic torque converter
    Multi-variety maize maturity monitoring based on UAV multi-spectral image
    Impact of Plant Protection Drone Flight Parameters on Droplet Distribution for Camellia Pollination and Fruit-Setting Rate

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