Ecological landscaping strategy of rural land consolidation in China
    Yun Wenju, Yu Zhenrong
    2011, 27(4): 1-6.
    Abstract PDF
    Experiment and evaluation on temperature sensitivities and tensile forces of anti-seepage geomembrane of farmland irrigation canal
    Xu Sifa, Zhang Hao
    2011, 27(4): 7-11.
    Abstract PDF
    Experiments on effects of channel lining using fly ash-rice husk concrete on anti-permeability
    Zhang Wenyu, Lou Zongke, Li Zhiyan
    2011, 27(4): 12-17.
    Abstract PDF
    Application of fuzzy control to automatic water-saving irrigation of rice
    Kuang Yingchun, Shen Yue, Duan Jiannan, Yao Bangsong
    2011, 27(4): 18-21.
    Abstract PDF
    Soil-water conservation effects of slope land use pattern changes
    She Dongl, Shao Ming’an, Xue Yafeng, Yu Shuang’en
    2011, 27(4): 22-27.
    Abstract PDF
    Experiments on hydraulic characteristics of roll wave for sheet flow with artificial rough bed
    Zhang Kuandi, Wang Guangqian, Wang Zhanli, Liu Jun’e, Lü Hongxing
    2011, 27(4): 28-34.
    Abstract PDF
    Coupled model for conjunctive use of water resources in the Yellow River irrigation district
    Yue Weifeng, Yang Jinzhong, Zhan Chesheng
    2011, 27(4): 35-40.
    Abstract PDF
    Agricultural drought early warning models in Southern Ningxia ?
    Zhang XiaoYu, Yang Xiaoguang, Han Yingjuan, Wei Jianguo, ,Cao Ning
    2011, 27(4): 41-47.
    Abstract PDF
    Integrated allocation of water and land resources based on GLP model in Yanhe watershed
    Wang Lixia, Ren Zhiyuan, Ren Zhaoxia, Ma Chaoqun
    2011, 27(4): 48-53.
    Abstract PDF
    Analysis on linkage between farm landscape and water quality in Jiulong River watershed
    Sun Qinqin, Huang Jinliang, Hong Huasheng, Li Qingsheng, Lin Jie, Feng Yuan
    2011, 27(4): 54-59.
    Abstract PDF
    Confirmation of critical distance between hedgerows for non-point pollution control based on hydro-dynamics in purple soil area
    Ma Yun, He Binghui, He Jianlin, Wu Yong, Xiang Minghui, Chen Yun, Tang Chunxia, Guo Tian
    2011, 27(4): 60-64.
    Abstract PDF
    Regional runoff study based on MODCYCLE distributed hydrology model
    Zhang Jun’e, Lu Chuiyu,, Qin Dayong, Guo Yingxin, Ge Huaifeng
    2011, 27(4): 65-71.
    Abstract PDF
    Modeling preferential flow in unsaturated soil using active region model and its sensitivity analysis
    Sheng Feng, Zhang Renduo, Liu Huihai
    2011, 27(4): 72-80.
    Abstract PDF
    Movement of soil solute under simulated rainfall runoff
    Tian Kun, Huang Chihua, Wang Guangqian, Tian Peng, Fu Xudong, Guo Haidan
    2011, 27(4): 81-87.
    Abstract PDF
    Dynamic changes of pear jujube stem diameter and path analysis of MDS influencing factors with full irrigation
    Li Xiaobin, Wang Youke, Zhang Ping
    2011, 27(4): 88-93.
    Abstract PDF
    Soil respiration flux of four land-use types in non-growing season in North Plain of Huai River
    Gao Dong, Lu Shaowe, Rao Liangyi, Li Jia, Zhang Teng, Jin Aliang
    2011, 27(4): 94-99.
    Abstract PDF
    Application of planetary gear train with eccentric gears and non-circular gear in backward rotary transplanting mechanism
    Yu Gaohong, Zhang Weiwei, Sun Liang, Zhao Yun
    2011, 27(4): 100-105.
    Abstract PDF
    Fatigue analysis of gears in ombine harvester chassis gearbox
    Li Yaoming, Tian Jin, Zhao Zhan, Xu Lizhang
    2011, 27(4): 106-110.
    Abstract PDF
    Symmetrical multi-spiral arrangement of tillage blades on rotor
    Jia Honglei, Huang Dongyan, Liu Xiaoliang, Wang Zenghui, Liu Zhaochen, Ma Chenglin
    2011, 27(4): 111-116.
    Abstract PDF
    Study on corp yield stability in a typical region of rice–wheat rotation based on long-term fertilization experiment
    Ma Li, Yang Linzhang, Shen Mingxing, Xia Lizhong, Li Yundong, Liu Guohua, Yin Shixue
    2011, 27(4): 117-124.
    Abstract PDF
    Intelligent fault diagnosis method for rolling bearings based on EMD and MLEM2
    Dou Dongyang, Yang Jianguo, Li Lijuan, Zhao Yingka
    2011, 27(4): 125-130.
    Abstract PDF
    Design of map-based indoor variable weed spraying system
    Yin Dongfu, Chen Shuren, Pei Wenchao, Shen Baoguo
    2011, 27(4): 131-135.
    Abstract PDF
    Experiments on loss coefficient of complete fluidic sprinkler pressure regulation device
    Liu Junping, Yuan Shouqi, Luo Yin, Tang Yue, Li Hong
    2011, 27(4): 136-140.
    Abstract PDF
    Experiments on performance and internal flow of a vortex pump
    Sha Yi
    2011, 27(4): 141-146.
    Abstract PDF
    Unsteady flow pressure fluctuation of high-specific-speed mixed-flow pump
    Shi Weidong, Zou Pingping, Zhang Desheng, Zhou Ling
    2011, 27(4): 147-152.
    Abstract PDF
    Impact analysis of composite stiffness in gear pair of external gear pump
    Li Yulong
    2011, 27(4): 153-157.
    Abstract PDF
    Simulation on heat transfer characteristics of vehicle wheel reductor
    Xu Zhongming, Shi Fangyuan, He Yansong, Peng Huadong, Zhou Weilin
    2011, 27(4): 158-163.
    Abstract PDF
    Fuel economy and emissions of ethanol-diesel blends with different proportions
    Chen Zhenbin, Ni Jimin, Ye Nianye, Yu Feng, Xiao Mingwe, He Jinge
    2011, 27(4): 164-169.
    Abstract PDF
    Combustion and emission characteristics of thermal cracking biogas engine at idle speed
    Zhang Qiang, Li Na, Wang Zhiming
    2011, 27(4): 170-173.
    Abstract PDF
    Measurement method of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon emission of diesel engine
    Wang Zhong, An Yuguang, Xu Guangju, Wang Yucheng, Wang Xiaozhe
    2011, 27(4): 174-178.
    Abstract PDF
    Compilation method of power train load spectrum of engineering vehicle
    Zhang Yingshuang, Wang Guoqiang, Wang Jixin, Jia Haibo, Zhang Erping
    2011, 27(4): 179-183.
    Abstract PDF
    Calculation method for kinematical accuracy reliability of main drive mechanism of diesel engine
    Wang Xizhen, Li Yan, Cheng Ganghu
    2011, 27(4): 184-189.
    Abstract PDF
    Topic map-based description and representation of agricultural models
    Fu Bing, Jiang Haiyan, Zhang Mei, Zhu Yan, Cao Weixing
    2011, 27(4): 190-195.
    Abstract PDF
    Digital photo geocoding and indexing method for field data collection
    Meng Zhijun, Zhao Chunjiang, Liu Hui, Chen Jingping, Fu Weiqiang
    2011, 27(4): 196-200.
    Abstract PDF
    Assessment of approaches for estimating fraction of photosynthetically active radiation absorbed by winter wheat canopy
    Li Heli, Luo Yi, Xue Xiaoping, Zhao Yujin, Zhao Hong, Li Feng
    2011, 27(4): 201-206.
    Abstract PDF
    Inversion of leaf area index based on small-footprint waveform airborne LIDAR
    Zhou Mengwei, Liu Qinhuo, Liu Qiang, Xiao Qing
    2011, 27(4): 207-213.
    Abstract PDF
    Plant nutrition indices using leaf spectral transmittance for nitrogen detection
    He Dongxian, Hu Juanxiu
    2011, 27(4): 214-218.
    Abstract PDF
    Monitoring rice growth stages based on time series HJ-1A/1B CCD images
    Yang Hao, Huang Wenjiang, Wang Jihua, Yang Guijun, Tu Naimei, Yang Xiaodong, Wang Dacheng
    2011, 27(4): 219-224.
    Abstract PDF
    Light intensity real-time monitoring system for ginseng under forest
    Wu Haiwei, Yu Haiye, Zhang Lei
    2011, 27(4): 225-229.
    Abstract PDF
    Monitoring system of soil water content based on zigbee wireless sensor network
    Hu Peijin, Jiang Ting, Zhao Yandong
    2011, 27(4): 230-234.
    Abstract PDF
    Comparison of reactive power optimization control between local and system on distribution lines
    Tan Dongming, Piao Zailin, Zheng Weigang
    2011, 27(4): 235-240.
    Abstract PDF
    Capacity optimization of hybrid energy storage units in wind/solar generation system
    Wu Hongbin, Chen Bin, Guo Caiyun
    2011, 27(4): 241-245.
    Abstract PDF
    Application of vacuum flat glass to box-type solar energy collectors group
    Zhao Ying, Zhang Ruihong, Kong Youbin, Li Guosheng
    2011, 27(4): 246-250.
    Abstract PDF
    Effect of ground-source heat pump applied to piggery on energy saving and emission reduction
    Wang Meizhi, Liu Jijun, Wu Zhonghong, Liu Guanghua
    2011, 27(4): 251-254.
    Abstract PDF
    PIV measurement of char powders motion in laminar entrained flow reactor
    Wang Nana, Yi Weiming, Liu Zhuwei, Bai Xueyuan
    2011, 27(4): 255-258.
    Abstract PDF
    Effect of solid-liquid separation on utilization of dairy manure
    Guan Zhengjun, Li Wenzhe, Zheng Guoxiang, Bi Lanping
    2011, 27(4): 259-263.
    Abstract PDF
    Removal effects of Bidens frondosa on pollutants in swine wastewater
    Zhang Caiying, Wang Yanyan, Wang Yan
    2011, 27(4): 264-269.
    Abstract PDF
    Earth pressure on pool wall and stress analysis on pool cover of underground biogas digester
    Gong Wanting, Ding Min, Xu Qinglei, Jiang Xiugen
    2011, 27(4): 270-276.
    Abstract PDF
    Effects of steam explosion and microbial fermentation on corn straw degradation
    Chang Juan, Yin Qingqiang, Ren Tianbao, Zhang Bailiang, Song Andong, Zuo Ruiyu, Lu Min, Liu Junxi
    2011, 27(4): 277-280.
    Abstract PDF
    Optimization of technical parameters for preparing fiber from rice straw
    Han Yongjun, Chen Haitao, Liu Lixue, Li Hao
    2011, 27(4): 281-286.
    Abstract PDF
    Detecting and analysis of spatial and temporal variation of vegetation cover in the Loess Plateau during 1982-2009
    Zhang Baoqing,, Wu Pute, Zhao Xining
    2011, 27(4): 287-293.
    Abstract PDF
    Analysis on pattern changes and traits of rural residential areas during
    Zhou Wei, Cao Yingui, Wang Jing, Yuan Chun
    2011, 27(4): 294-300.
    Abstract PDF
    Reclamation optimal design of high-speed railway temporary facilities prefabrication yard construction land
    Ding Ning, Jin Xiaobin, Hu Jing, Zhou Yinkang
    2011, 27(4): 301-309.
    Abstract PDF
    Effects of terracing slope cropland on soil quality in Hilly Region of Loess Plateau
    Xue Sha, Liu Guobin, Zhang Chao, Fan Liangxin
    2011, 27(4): 310-316.
    Abstract PDF
    Landscape extraction and corridor site assessment of farmland in urban fringe using SPOT5 remote sensing image
    Liu Xiaona, Li Xianhai, Sun Danfeng, Li Hong, Zhang Weiwei, Zhou Liandi
    2011, 27(4): 317-323.
    Abstract PDF
    Field scale slope position segmentation at agricultural landscape in hilly area
    Guo Pengtao, Li Maofen, Liu Hongbin, Wu Wei, Wang Zhengyin, Yu Mingxuan
    2011, 27(4): 324-329.
    Abstract PDF
    Fractal analysis of land use in Zhujiang River Delta
    Ye Changsheng, Dong Yuxiang
    2011, 27(4): 330-335.
    Abstract PDF
    Demarcating method of prime farmland based on land evaluation
    Dong Xiuru, You Mingying, Wang Qiubing
    2011, 27(4): 336-339.
    Abstract PDF
    Research and implementation of recognition algorithm based on gray scale of watermelon seeds
    Zhao Jiwen, Wei Zhengcui, Wang Yang, Gao Shang
    2011, 27(4): 340-344.
    Abstract PDF
    Litchi image segmentation algorithm based on sparse field level set
    Mao Liang, Xue Yueju, Kong deyun, Liu Guoying, Huang Ke, Lu Qifu, Wang Kai
    2011, 27(4): 345-349.
    Abstract PDF
    Auto-grouping method of flue-cured tobacco leaves based on near infrared spectra technology
    Zhang Ying, He Liyuan
    2011, 27(4): 350-354.
    Abstract PDF
    Inactivation mechanism of pulsed electric fields on Saccharomyces cerevisiae
    Li Jing, Liao Xiaojun, Zhong Kui, Zhang Yan
    2011, 27(4): 355-360.
    Abstract PDF
    Electronic tongue detection for residual?antibiotic in milk powder
    Tan Guofeng, Tian Shiyi, Shen Zonggen, Zhang Genhua, Deng Shaoping
    2011, 27(4): 361-365.
    Abstract PDF
    Improving head rice rate with water cooling process
    Lan Haipeng, Jia Fuguo, Wang Jitai, Zhang Qiang, Fu Qian
    2011, 27(4): 366-369.
    Abstract PDF
    Extraction of phytic acid and preparation of protein isolates from rapeseed meal
    Pan Lijun, Zhou Jun, Jiang Shaotong, Sun Hanju, Luo Shuizhong, Han Zhihong
    2011, 27(4): 370-375.
    Abstract PDF
    Oil and protein simultaneously extracted from soybean using crude enzyme produced by microbial fermentation
    Wu Haibo, Jiang Lianzhou, Cheng Jianjun, Yao Gang
    2011, 27(4): 376-382.
    Abstract PDF
    Effects of tea tree oil fumigation on disease and quality of postharvest strawberry fruits
    Cheng Sai, Shao Xingfeng, Guo Annan, Song Yuxing
    2011, 27(4): 383-388.
    Abstract PDF
    Experiments on microwave vacuum drying of rose
    Song Chunfang, Qin Yonghong, Chen Xi, Zhou Li, Zhu Feng
    2011, 27(4): 389-392.
    Abstract PDF

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