Technical Functions of Agricultural Engineering on the Development of Rural Production Force
    Ma Huangong, Wang Decneng, Zheng Zhian
    1992, 8(3): 1-7.
    Abstract PDF
    Appraisal on the Ecological Effect of Regional Development of Agricultural Resources
    Yuan Bairui, Han Xiangling
    1992, 8(3): 8-14.
    Abstract PDF
    Wettability between Water and Function Surface of Metal Material
    Liu Yaohui, Chen Bingcong, Ren Luquan
    1992, 8(3): 15-20.
    Abstract PDF
    Research on SD Model of the Relationship between the Major Developmental Objectives of Animal Husbandry
    Wang Hongbin, Wu Yunbo
    1992, 8(3): 21-29.
    Abstract PDF
    Development of a Computer Auxiliary Management System of Two Hundred Thousand Laying Hens Production
    Lu Changhua, Bao Chengyu, Li Guoliang, Tang Jindong, Ke Zizhou, HuJunyi, Chen Jianhua, Duan Xiaomei
    1992, 8(3): 30-38.
    Abstract PDF
    A Rational Method and Its Application for Designing Outline of Moldboard Plough Surface
    Chen Xiaoguang, Wu Chengwu, Zhang Dejun, Li Falai
    1992, 8(3): 39-46.
    Abstract PDF
    A Study on the Economic Evaluation for Renewal of Irrigation Techniques
    Zhu Yaozhou
    1992, 8(3): 47-52.
    Abstract PDF
    Finite Element Method for Tree-shape Network Hydraulic Calculation of Drip Irrigation
    Li Aikeng
    1992, 8(3): 53-59.
    Abstract PDF
    The Effect Assessment of Integrated Rural Energy Development and the Application of Grey System Method
    Wang Gehua, Chen Yanbin, Shi Deming
    1992, 8(3): 60-66.
    Abstract PDF
    Kinetic Parameter Calculation of Biomass Fast Pyrolysis
    Wu Chuangzhi, Xu Bingyan
    1992, 8(3): 67-72.
    Abstract PDF
    An Analytical Method of Light Transmissivity in Greenhouse Design——The First Part of Serial Studies in Simulation of Light Environment in Protected Cultivation
    Wu Yiming, CaoYonghua, Sun Zhongfu, Li Youxiang
    1992, 8(3): 73-80.
    Abstract PDF
    The Effect of Bed Structures on the Aeration in Soilless Culture
    Zhou Changji
    1992, 8(3): 81-89.
    Abstract PDF
    An Installation for Drying Room and Greenhouse with Geothermal Energy and Solar Energy
    Xing Bingbing, Yang Zhihua
    1992, 8(3): 90-96.
    Abstract PDF
    Spectrophotometric System Operated with a Microcomputer for Agricultural Product Quality Testing
    Liu Shaogang, Wu Shouyi, Fang Running, Sun Zhenghe
    1992, 8(3): 97-103.
    Abstract PDF
    Computer Image Processing and Testing of Rice Quality
    Fang Rurning
    1992, 8(3): 104-112.
    Abstract PDF
    Dielectric Properties of Cereal Grains and Their Application in Moisture Measurement
    Ying Huodong
    1992, 8(3): 113-119.
    Abstract PDF
    A Study on Squeezing Technology of Dehydrated Sword Beans and Its Effect on the Recovery Rate
    Zhang Min, MaXiaoyu, Wang Chenzhi, Li Chunli
    1992, 8(3): 120-124.
    Abstract PDF

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