The Statistics Analysis and Mathematical Analogy of Unsmoothed Geometrical Units on the Surface of Soil Animal
    Li Jianqiao, Ren Luquan, Chen Bingcong
    1995, 11(2): 1-6.
    Abstract PDF
    Research on Experimental Verification of Soft-Terrain Initial Spectrum and Its Transformation Theory
    Wang Dengfeng, Cheng Xiaoqing, Yin Yongguang, Liu Mingshu
    1995, 11(2): 7-10.
    Abstract PDF
    Analysis of Desert Sand Properties Related to Off-Road Locomotive
    Qiu Xiding, Ji Xuewu, Zhuang Jide
    1995, 11(2): 11-16.
    Abstract PDF
    The Soil Compactive Characteristics and Their Application in Agricultural Production
    Zhang Jiali, Fu Weifang, Ma Hong
    1995, 11(2): 17-20.
    Abstract PDF
    The Potential Analysis on Soil Moisture Measurement by Dielectric Method
    Ma Xiaoyi, Xiong Yunzhang, Zhu Fengshu, He Zhengzhong
    1995, 11(2): 21-26.
    Abstract PDF
    Application of Agrometeorological Forecast System in Making Agricultural Management Decisions
    Lu Zhiguang, Yang Xiaoguang, Wang Chunyan
    1995, 11(2): 27-31.
    Abstract PDF
    An Expert System Developed for Linear Classification of Cow Appearance
    Yang Yinsheng, Zhang Dejun
    1995, 11(2): 32-36.
    Abstract PDF
    Researchs on the Knowledgable Decision Support System and Its Application in the Decision on Forest Fire Extinguishment
    Zhang Lanxing, Song Shilong, Yang Yongjian
    1995, 11(2): 37-41.
    Abstract PDF
    Economic Outlook of Citrus Investment in Florida: A Case of GAMS Simulation
    Chen Bingjun, Spreen T H, Moss C B
    1995, 11(2): 42-47.
    Abstract PDF
    A Study on Setting Equipment of Manufactured Reproduction of Trichogramma
    Song Ruochuan, Chi Yingmin, Wang Heping, Lu Guiying, Wang Qingxi, Zhang Qibo
    1995, 11(2): 48-52.
    Abstract PDF
    Study on the Technique of Fertilization for Millet of High Yield with Low Consumption in Hilly Arid Area at Middle Part of Shanxi Province
    Wang Zhiya, Zhou Naijian, Lin Dayi, Zheng Runmei, Lin Chenggu
    1995, 11(2): 53-58.
    Abstract PDF
    The Design and Experiment on Planting Apparatus with Seedling-Guiding Tube
    Hu Honglie, Gu Shikang, Zeng Aijun, Song Weitang
    1995, 11(2): 59-64.
    Abstract PDF
    Studies on the Cultivation of Seedling and Rice Thinly Populated Planting with Air-Pruning Tray
    Yang Ziwan, Fan Yunxing, Sun Tingzong, Hu Wenhe
    1995, 11(2): 65-69.
    Abstract PDF
    Determination of Position of Divided Point of Ackerman Steering Linkage with Macpherson Strut for Vehicle
    Wang Zhihao, Gao Yimin, Chu Liang
    1995, 11(2): 70-75.
    Abstract PDF
    Experiment and Analysis on the Hydraulic Servo Automatic Elevating and Balancing Equipment of Tractor
    Wu Guozhen, Cai Jianping, Yao Xiuqing
    1995, 11(2): 76-80.
    Abstract PDF
    Identification of Vibration Sources through Partial Coherence Occuring on the Floor of an Electrical Measuring Vehicle
    Zheng Xu, Zheng Wenzhong
    1995, 11(2): 81-85.
    Abstract PDF
    Experimental Study on the Ignitability and Combustion Efficiency of the Inferior Briquettes from Gangue and Boiler Fly Ash
    Zhang Quanguo
    1995, 11(2): 86-91.
    Abstract PDF
    Experiment and Study on Model of Firewood Stove Chamber
    Fu Lixia, Liu Tianwei, Zhang Jiangao
    1995, 11(2): 92-96.
    Abstract PDF
    Study on the Form of Energy-Saving Cauldron
    Wang Xinzhang, Mao Xuedong, Ouyang Huifang, Yang Shuiyuan
    1995, 11(2): 97-102.
    Abstract PDF
    The Advancement of Experiment and Study on Impacts of CO2 Enhancement on Crop
    Wang Xiulan
    1995, 11(2): 103-108.
    Abstract PDF
    Responses of Growth and Development,Physiology and Yield of Maize to Increasing CO2 Concentration
    Wang Xiulan, Xu Shihua, Li Youxiang, Cui Duchang
    1995, 11(2): 109-114.
    Abstract PDF
    A Comprehensive Study on the Plant and Animal Complementary Ecosystem ( I )——Dynamic Simulation of CO2 Concentration and Decision of the Proportion of Vegetable and Livestock
    Guo Huiqing, Li Zhenhai, Cui Yinan
    1995, 11(2): 115-118.
    Abstract PDF
    A Comprehensive Study on the Plant and Animal Complementary Ecosystem ( Ⅱ )——CO2 Distribution Condition and Transfering System
    Li Zhenhai, Guo Huiqing, Cui Yinan
    1995, 11(2): 119-122.
    Abstract PDF
    The Relationship between Water Supply and Fruit Cracking of Chumen Pomelo (Citrus Grandis Osbeek)
    Cheng Wenxiang, Lu Pingzhong
    1995, 11(2): 123-127.
    Abstract PDF
    Optimizing Determination of Irrigation Uniformity in the Design of Micro-irrigation System
    Chen Quchang, Zhen Yaoquan
    1995, 11(2): 128-132.
    Abstract PDF
    Experiment of Flow Characteristics of 80LLW Screw Centrifugal Pump System
    Quo Tianen, Sun Xihuan, Zhou Yuzhen
    1995, 11(2): 133-137.
    Abstract PDF
    Review of Modern Analysis Technique Used in Food Researches
    Wang Pinghua
    1995, 11(2): 138-142.
    Abstract PDF
    The Stochastic Finite Element Method for Analyzing Conduction Heat Transfer in Foods
    Zhang Senwen, A. K. Datta, H. T. Ni
    1995, 11(2): 143-148.
    Abstract PDF
    Comparative Study of Different Straw Treatment Methods
    Guo Peiyu, Li Daoe, Han Lujia, Xia Jianping
    1995, 11(2): 149-155.
    Abstract PDF
    Research on Microcomputer Control System of Red Ginseng Drying
    Lu Xianji, Zhang Shuhui, Xu Longyi
    1995, 11(2): 156-160.
    Abstract PDF
    The Fuzzy Comprehensive Judgement on the Sense-Organ Quality of Beer with Computer
    Yue Tianli, Yuan Yahong, He Qinghai, Wan Wenhua, Tang Zengde, Zhao Haiying
    1995, 11(2): 161-166.
    Abstract PDF
    Structure and Performance Analysis on Mixed-Flow Grain Dryers
    Dai Tianhong, Cao Chongwen
    1995, 11(2): 167-172.
    Abstract PDF
    The Intelligent PI Control System of Feedback-Plus-Feedforward for Grain Dryer
    Li Yede, Wang Yiming
    1995, 11(2): 173-178.
    Abstract PDF
    The Test and Research on Glutamic Acid Extracting Based on Reverse Osmosis
    Wang Caiyun
    1995, 11(2): 179-182.
    Abstract PDF
    The Experimental Studies on Speed-Controlled Feed and Soft Threshing for Wheat
    Shi Qingxiang, Ji Jiangtao, Liu Shiduo, Ni Changan, Fu Ruixia
    1995, 11(2): 183-188.
    Abstract PDF

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