New development of agricultural engineering in China
    Zhu Ming
    2005, 21(12): 1-11.
    Abstract PDF
    Status quo and prospects of biomass energy
    Zhou Zhongren, Wu Wenliang
    2005, 21(12): 12-15.
    Abstract PDF
    Marginal revenues of resources and goal programming of planting industry structure
    Cheng Zhiqiang, Qiu Huajiao, Cheng Xu
    2005, 21(12): 16-19.
    Abstract PDF
    Emergy based ecological economic dynamics of Shunde agriculture system
    Lu Hongfang, Chen Lie, Lin Yongbiao, Chen Feipeng, Peng Shaolin
    2005, 21(12): 20-24.
    Abstract PDF
    Empirical formulas relating to extrusion of degermed maize for production of starch syrup based on function theory of dimension analysis
    Shen Dechao, Xiao Zhigang
    2005, 21(12): 25-29.
    Abstract PDF
    Nonlinear viscoelastic plastic model of the fruits under quasi-static compressive loading
    Lu Lixin, Wang Zhiwei
    2005, 21(12): 30-33.
    Abstract PDF
    Hot-pressing and drying process of pulp molding tablewares
    Qiu Renhui, Huang Zutai, Wang Keqi
    2005, 21(12): 34-38.
    Abstract PDF
    Magnetic field characteristic analysis for the magnetic seed-metering space of the precision seeder
    Hu Jianping, Li Xuanqiu, Mao Hanping
    2005, 21(12): 39-42.
    Abstract PDF
    Experimental study on the effect of different grass coverages on the overland flow velocity
    Li Mian, Yao Wenyi, Chen Jiangnan, Ding Wenfeng, Yang Jianfeng, Li Li, Yang Chunxia
    2005, 21(12): 43-47.
    Abstract PDF
    Impacts of pressure regulator parameters on preset pressure in micro-irrigation system
    Tian Jinxia, Gong Shihong, Li Guangyong, Wang Jiandong
    2005, 21(12): 48-51.
    Abstract PDF
    Estimation of Horton infiltration equation parameters and field-averaged roughness coefficient by surface irrigation advance
    Ma Donghao, Wang Quanjiu, Guo Tailong
    2005, 21(12): 52-55.
    Abstract PDF
    Fractal features of irrigation canal system in irrigation district
    Liu Bingjun, Shao Dongguo, Shen Xinping
    2005, 21(12): 56-59.
    Abstract PDF
    Method for information mining of land-use change and its applicaion
    Duan Zengqiang, Zhang Fengrong, Kong Xiangbin
    2005, 21(12): 60-66.
    Abstract PDF
    Strategy of auto-stepless deceleration of the tracked vehicles using split path transmisson steering mechanism during steering
    Li Wenzhe, Zhang Hongqiong
    2005, 21(12): 67-70.
    Abstract PDF
    Field performance test and design principle of 2BSF-4 irrigating-sowing machine
    Wang Liqiang, Wu Chongyou, Gao Lianxing, Xia Xiaodong, Jin Chengqian
    2005, 21(12): 71-74.
    Abstract PDF
    Design of automatic cold storage with wall-hanging refrigeration units and its application
    Lu Mosen
    2005, 21(12): 75-79.
    Abstract PDF
    Mechanism analysis and experiment of the washer of duck eggs suspended in liquid in batches
    Wang Shucai, Wen Youxian, Ding Youchun, Xiong Lirong, Wang Qiaohua
    2005, 21(12): 80-84.
    Abstract PDF
    Design and experimental study of combined-charging hydraulic electrostatic spraying box
    Yu Yongchang, Wang Baohua, Shi Jingzhao, Li Xiangfu
    2005, 21(12): 85-88.
    Abstract PDF
    Technology for spraying liquid vitamin to pellet feed under vacuum condition
    Zhai Hongling, Wang Hongying, Xue Songtang, Wang Jicheng
    2005, 21(12): 89-92.
    Abstract PDF
    Extracting fuzzy rules from neural networks for land evaluation
    Hu Yueming, Xue Yueju, Li Bo, Xie Jianwen, Chen Feixiang, Bao Shitai
    2005, 21(12): 93-97.
    Abstract PDF
    Four methods for spatial component extraction used for SAR image fusion
    Qian Yonglan, Yang Bangjie, Zhang Songling, Pei Zhiyuan, Jiao Xianfeng, Wu Quan, Wang Qingfa, Wang Fei
    2005, 21(12): 98-102.
    Abstract PDF
    Design of categorized crop acreage onboard estimation system based on image identification
    Ma Rong, Mao Enrong, Yang Bangjie, Jiao Xianfeng, Wang Suxia
    2005, 21(12): 103-107.
    Abstract PDF
    Daily reference evapotranspiration estimation from weather forecast messages-the ANFIS method
    Cai Jiabing, Liu Yu, Lei Tingwu, Xu Di
    2005, 21(12): 108-111.
    Abstract PDF
    Application of information technologies in monitoring the population density of pests
    Lü Zhaozhi, Shen Zuorui, Cheng Dengfa, Yao Qing
    2005, 21(12): 112-115.
    Abstract PDF
    Preparation of biopolymers from liquefied corn stover
    Yuhuan Liu, Roger Ruan, Xiangyang Lin, Fei Yu, Paul Chen, Shaobo Deng, Yuhong Li, Vance Morey, Tom Yang
    2005, 21(12): 116-120.
    Abstract PDF
    Experimental study on the thermal characteristics of gravel layer in a solar thermal energy conversion system for house heating
    Moonki Jang, Liu Ronghou, Piao Zailin
    2005, 21(12): 121-126.
    Abstract PDF
    Fast pyrolysis of corn stalk for bio-oil in a plasma heated fluidized bed
    Bai Xueyuan, Yi Weiming, Wang Lihong, Li Yongjun, Cai Hongzhen
    2005, 21(12): 127-130.
    Abstract PDF
    Simulation of leaf area, photosynthetic rate and dry matter production in greenhouse cucumber based on product of thermal effectiveness and photosynthetically active radiation
    Li Yongxiu, Luo Weihong, Ni Jiheng, Chen Yongshan, Xu Guobin, Jin Liang, Dai Jianfeng, Chen Chunhong
    2005, 21(12): 131-136.
    Abstract PDF
    Design and application of decision support system for heavy metal pollution management on WebGIS
    Wang Yuansheng, Zhao Chunjiang, Wang Jihua, Lu Anxiang, Li Folin, Tian Zhenkun, Ma Jinfeng
    2005, 21(12): 137-140.
    Abstract PDF
    Growth simulation of aerobic rice and its nitrogen management on the basis of ORYZA2000
    Li Yalong, Cui Yuanlai, Li Yuanhua, Lü Guo′an, Feng Yuehua, Bouman BAM
    2005, 21(12): 141-146.
    Abstract PDF
    Contribution to reduction of CO2 and SO2 emission by household biogas construction in rural China: analysis and prediction
    Zhang Peidong, Wang Gang
    2005, 21(12): 147-151.
    Abstract PDF
    Preliminary study on the effect of environmental factor on leaf potential and transpiration rate of alfalfa
    Tong Changfu, Guo Kezhen, Shi Haibin, Li Heping, Yang Yanshan, Xu Bing, Xue Zhu
    2005, 21(12): 152-155.
    Abstract PDF
    Ultra-dry preservation of tobacco seeds and its correlative technology
    Xu Meiling
    2005, 21(12): 156-162.
    Abstract PDF
    Selecting excellent yeast for high quality cider yeast based on fuzzy comprehensive evaluation
    Peng Bangzhu, Yue Tianli, Yuan Yahong, Wang Yunyang, Gao Zhenpeng
    2005, 21(12): 163-166.
    Abstract PDF
    Effect of lotus-seed starch quality on lotus-seed juice's rheological property and shelf life
    Zheng Baodong, Zeng Shaoxiao, Li Yibin, Meng Peng, Zheng Jingui
    2005, 21(12): 167-170.
    Abstract PDF
    Separation of biodiesel from rapeseed oil deodorizer distillate by molecular distillation
    Shao Ping, Jiang Shaotong, Zhao Yanyan, Luo Shuizhong
    2005, 21(12): 171-174.
    Abstract PDF
    Optimization of fermentation conditions for fibrinolysin from B. subtilis γ-DES36
    Lü Fengxia, Lu Zhaoxin, Bie Xiaomei, Liang Siyu
    2005, 21(12): 175-178.
    Abstract PDF
    Net nitrogen mineralization of different types of temperate grassland soils in the Xilin River Basin
    Yang Xiaohong, Dong Yunshe, Qi Yuchun, Geng Yuanbo, Liu Lixin
    2005, 21(12): 179-182.
    Abstract PDF
    Experimental study on soil evaporation in winter wheat field under sprinkling irrigation condition
    Gao Lu, Hu Chunsheng, Chen Suying, Zhang Lifei
    2005, 21(12): 183-185.
    Abstract PDF
    Effect of the warm-bed on the lying behaviour of the weaned piglet in winter
    Zhou Daolei, Li Baoming, Shi Zhengxiang, Chen Gang, Li Luqin
    2005, 21(12): 186-190.
    Abstract PDF
    Comparative study on the changes of aromatic components in the grape and dry white wine of chardonnay
    Hu Boran, Xue Wenbiao, Yang Xinyuan, Li Hua
    2005, 21(12): 191-194.
    Abstract PDF

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