Present situation, development prospect and science and technology support of the agro-product processing industry of China
    Ge Yiqiang, Chen Ying
    2003, 19(2): 1-5.
    Abstract PDF
    Developing trends of regional land consolidation in China
    Ju Zhengshan, Luo Ming, Zhang Fengrong, Xiao Fei
    2003, 19(2): 6-11.
    Abstract PDF
    Water-saving and protected agriculture in the Mediterranean area and its reference to arid and semi-arid agriculture of China
    Zhao Zunlian, Yan Xiaoliang
    2003, 19(2): 12-17.
    Abstract PDF
    Research advances in transplanting mechanism of rice transplanter
    Chen Jianneng, Zhao Yun
    2003, 19(2): 23-27.
    Abstract PDF
    Accuracy and stability of the inverse method to estimate the average root-water-uptake rate and its application
    Zuo Qiang, Wang Dong, Luo Changshou
    2003, 19(2): 28-33.
    Abstract PDF
    Modeling and methodological strategy of discrete element method simulation for tillage soil dynamics
    Xu Yong, Li Hongyan, Huang Wenbin
    2003, 19(2): 34-38.
    Abstract PDF
    Spatial variability of soil properties in the field based on GPS and GIS
    Zhang Shujuan, He Yong, Fang Hui
    2003, 19(2): 39-44.
    Abstract PDF
    Applicability of failure criteria in sliding contacts
    Shen Menghong, Cui Yunfeng
    2003, 19(2): 45-48.
    Abstract PDF
    Original mechanism of biological effects of electrostatic field on crop seeds
    Bai Yaxiang, Hu Yucai
    2003, 19(2): 49-51.
    Abstract PDF
    Carrier drying of thermosensitive materials
    Wang Xibo, Liu Xiangdong, Yang Deyong
    2003, 19(2): 52-55.
    Abstract PDF
    Experimental study on soil erosion by wind under conservation tillage
    Zang Ying, Gao Huanwen, Zhou Jianzhong
    2003, 19(2): 56-60.
    Abstract PDF
    Erosion of sodic soil in sloping field during rainfall process
    Li Fahu
    2003, 19(2): 61-64.
    Abstract PDF
    Application of REE trace method to vertical erosion on land slope
    Ding Wenfeng, Li Zhanbin, Ding Dengshan
    2003, 19(2): 65-69.
    Abstract PDF
    Soil moisture dynamic characteristics in well irrigation areas in Beijing Plain with comparatively deep ground water tables
    Sun Shijun, Ding Yaoyuan, Ma Shuwen, Liu Zuoxin, Tian Yuan
    2003, 19(2): 70-74.
    Abstract PDF
    Effect of brackish water on soil environment in saline area of Quzhou of Hebei Province
    Qiao Yuhui, Yu Zhenrong
    2003, 19(2): 75-79.
    Abstract PDF
    Experimental investigation into effects of drip irrigation with saline groundwater on water use efficiency and quality of honeydew melons in Hetao Region, Inner Mongolia
    Lei Tingwu, Xiao Juan, Wang Jianping, Liu Zhizhong, Li Guangyong, Zhang Jianguo, MaoJianhua
    2003, 19(2): 80-84.
    Abstract PDF
    Hydraulic characteristics of emitter in soil of subsurface drip irrigation system
    Wu Feng, Li Wangcheng, Li Jinshan, Fan Yongshen, Feng Zunjie
    2003, 19(2): 85-88.
    Abstract PDF
    Application of frequency control technique to surface irrigation under low-pressure pipeline of water delivery
    Li Zhiqin, Fan Guisheng, Lang Xudong
    2003, 19(2): 89-92.
    Abstract PDF
    Computer management system for water diversion of irrigation area
    Li Shouyi, Feng Haibo, Kou Xiaozhong
    2003, 19(2): 93-96.
    Abstract PDF
    Electric field of dielectric seed separator
    Mi Shuangshan, Wu Pengying, Liu Xunfang
    2003, 19(2): 97-101.
    Abstract PDF
    Comparative study on direct/bypass blowing of tunnel dryers
    Zhang Xiaohe, Dai Bin, Fan Hongzhen
    2003, 19(2): 102-104.
    Abstract PDF
    Research and design on corn sheller by extruding and rubbing method
    He Xiaopeng, Liu Chunhe, Shi Jianfang, Wang Guangwan
    2003, 19(2): 105-108.
    Abstract PDF
    Experimental study on the cell of the horizontal plate precision meter for corn seed
    Liao Qingxi, Gao Huanwen, Zang Ying
    2003, 19(2): 109-113.
    Abstract PDF
    Influence of different impeller structures on performance of sewage pump
    Shi Weidong, Cao Weidong, Liu Houlin, Qiu Baoyun, Liu Xiaolong
    2003, 19(2): 114-116.
    Abstract PDF
    Human-tractor system vibration analysis system base on Web technology
    Ding Yi, Guo Jiangan, Xu Jinqiang
    2003, 19(2): 117-120.
    Abstract PDF
    Composite type of quantifying-packaging for powder and particle agricutural products
    Zhang Xiliang, Mao Cuiyun, Lu Xin
    2003, 19(2): 121-125.
    Abstract PDF
    Experimental model analysis of CZ480 engine body
    Wang Zhong, Wang Xiaozhe, Yuan Yinnan, Li Jiankang
    2003, 19(2): 126-129.
    Abstract PDF
    Automatic weighing and selection system of individual cocoon and batch measuring in silkworm breeding
    Pan Shenyuan, Li Ailing, Tao Ming, Miyashita Tamio
    2003, 19(2): 130-132.
    Abstract PDF
    Extracting and selecting features of leaf images for diagnosing nutrient deficiency diseases in tomatoes
    Mao Hanping, Xu Guili, Li Pingping
    2003, 19(2): 133-136.
    Abstract PDF
    On-line measurement of trash contents in cotton based on BP neural network
    Ding Tianhuai, Li Yong, Miao Junzhe, Zheng Yinghang
    2003, 19(2): 137-139.
    Abstract PDF
    Application of artificial neural network on the fermentation technology of monascus waxberry wine optimization
    Jiang Yihong, Feng Lei
    2003, 19(2): 140-143.
    Abstract PDF
    Correlation between chemical contents of leaves and characteristic variables of hyperspectra on rice field
    Wang Xiuzheng, Huang Jingfeng, Li Yunmei, Wang Renchao
    2003, 19(2): 144-148.
    Abstract PDF
    Path following system based on fuzzy neural networks for intelligently tracked vehicle
    Zhao Dengfeng, Wang Guoqiang, Xu Chunxin, Chen Xiangdong
    2003, 19(2): 149-152.
    Abstract PDF
    Development of software platform for virtual experiment on handling and stability of vehicle based OpenGL
    Yin Niandong, Yu Qun
    2003, 19(2): 153-155.
    Abstract PDF
    Microscopic structure of rough rice after sun drying
    Li Dong, Mao Zhihuai
    2003, 19(2): 156-159.
    Abstract PDF
    Microwave drying of thick layer brown rice
    Dong Tieyou, Zhu Wenxue, Toshinori Kimura, Shigeru Yoshizaki
    2003, 19(2): 160-162.
    Abstract PDF
    Sterilization of watermelon juice with high voltage pulse magnetic field and its mechanism analysis
    Ma Haile, Deng Yulin, Chu Jinyu
    2003, 19(2): 163-166.
    Abstract PDF
    Continuous concentration of EPA and DHA from fish oil by supercritical CO2
    Liu Weimin, Ma Haile, Li Guowen
    2003, 19(2): 167-170.
    Abstract PDF
    Tenderizing technology for chilled cut yak meat by fermentation
    Han Ling
    2003, 19(2): 171-175.
    Abstract PDF
    Conditions and parameters for extraction of tea polysaccharides
    Ni Dejiang, Xie Bijun, Song Chunhe, Yu Jialing
    2003, 19(2): 176-179.
    Abstract PDF
    Correlation between moisture of apples and values of CT
    Zhang Jingping, Peng Zheng, Wang Jian
    2003, 19(2): 180-182.
    Abstract PDF
    Technology of producing Anli compound fleshy juice
    Gao Haisheng, Li Chunhua, Kang Weimin, Chang Xuedong
    2003, 19(2): 183-185.
    Abstract PDF
    Extraction technology and anti-constipation function of tannins from wild Patrinia Villosa
    Zhu Jiajin, Wu Xiangyang, Zou Shujun, Wu Jie
    2003, 19(2): 186-189.
    Abstract PDF
    Measurement and analysis of temperature and relative humidity in combined steel structure seed store house in Beijing in summer
    Chen Mingqiu, Peng Gaojun, Zhang Jinbo
    2003, 19(2): 190-193.
    Abstract PDF
    Principle and efficiency of oxygen enrichment of dynamic solution surface in nutrient solution
    Song Weitang, Zhang Shuge, Huang Zhidong
    2003, 19(2): 194-198.
    Abstract PDF
    Allocation effects of mineral nitrogen in tomato plants under shading conditions at different growth stages
    Liu Xianzhao, Kang Shaozhong, Li Qingzhi, Mao Aihua
    2003, 19(2): 199-202.
    Abstract PDF
    Influence of improved environmental conditions of stall floors on incidence rate of foot and limb injuries among sows
    Qi Xianli, Huang Xingguo, Chen Tieqiao
    2003, 19(2): 203-206.
    Abstract PDF
    Design of tobacco-curing system using biomass gas as energy and evaluation of its energy efficiency and quality improvement of tobacco products
    Yang Shiguan, Zhang Bailiang, Yang Qunfa, Zhao Tinglin, Li Gang, He Hongyu
    2003, 19(2): 207-209.
    Abstract PDF
    Primary analysis on land consolidation benefits
    Zhang Zhengfeng, Chen Baiming
    2003, 19(2): 210-213.
    Abstract PDF
    Contamination and assessment of heavy metals in fly ash reclaimed soil
    Hu Zhenqi, Qi Jiazhong, Si Jitao
    2003, 19(2): 214-218.
    Abstract PDF
    Natural productivity evaluation of cultivated land based on GIS and RS data in Houhu Farm of Jianghan Plain
    Zhang Haitao, Zhou Yong, Wang Shanqin, Tang Honghua, Liu Hong, Lei Xinmei, Wang Dehua
    2003, 19(2): 219-223.
    Abstract PDF
    Application of Arcview for calculating earthwork in land consolidation project
    Liu Changshun, Du Lijuan
    2003, 19(2): 224-227.
    Abstract PDF

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