Application of red edge variables to nutrition diagnosis and grain quality forecast of winter wheat
    Huang Wenjiang, Zhao Chunjiang, Wang Jihua, Wang Jindi, Ma Zhihong
    2004, 20(6): 1-5.
    Abstract PDF
    Mechanism of the effect of hydrostatic high pressure on tenderness of mutton skeletal muscle
    Bai Yanhong, Deligeersong, Zhao Dianbo, Mao Duobin, Jiang Aimin, Yang Gongming
    2004, 20(6): 6-10.
    Abstract PDF
    Estimating nitrogen content of cucumber leaf based on solar irradiance spectral reflectance in greenhouse
    Zhang Xijie, Li Minzan, Zhang Yan′e, Zhao Peng, Zhang Jianping
    2004, 20(6): 11-14.
    Abstract PDF
    Kinetic studies on the adsorption of dark colored compoundsfrom apple juice using LSA—800B adsorbent resin
    Qiu Nongxue, Guo Shanguang
    2004, 20(6): 15-19.
    Abstract PDF
    Multi-group genetic algorithms for optimization of pumping tree pipe network
    Wang Xinkun, Cai Huanjie
    2004, 20(6): 20-22.
    Abstract PDF
    Boulton-RAGA method for identifying unconfined aquifer parameters
    Gao Ruizhong, Chaolunbagen, Zhu Zhongyuan, Jia Debin, Chai Jianhua
    2004, 20(6): 23-26.
    Abstract PDF
    Research on crankshaft FEA system of parametric 3D integral model
    Liu Rongchang, Xue Longquan, Ma Shuying, Tang Hongbo, Wang Qingzhu, Deng Chunyan
    2004, 20(6): 27-30.
    Abstract PDF
    Measuring instrument for soil electric conductivity based on virtual instrument technology
    He Yong, Lin Lilan, Yu Haihong
    2004, 20(6): 31-34.
    Abstract PDF
    Cut processing technology for agricultural products with different geometric shapes and physical properties
    Wang Wenkui
    2004, 20(6): 35-40.
    Abstract PDF
    Characterizing pores in freeze-dried materials by fractal models and fractal dimensions
    Liu Yongzhong, Chen Sanqiang, Sun Hao
    2004, 20(6): 41-45.
    Abstract PDF
    Vapor transfer resistance in leaf-air system of crops based on micro-climate in the greenhouse
    Lei Shuiling, Sun Zhongfu, Lei Tingwu, Qi Weiqiang
    2004, 20(6): 46-50.
    Abstract PDF
    Influence of surface irrigation technical parameter on nitrogen transport and distribution: A review
    Li Jiusheng, Li Bei, Rao Minjie
    2004, 20(6): 51-55.
    Abstract PDF
    Effect of soil and water conservation on the runoff on the Loess Plateau
    Zhang Shengtang, Kang Shaozhong, Zhang Kai
    2004, 20(6): 56-59.
    Abstract PDF
    Spatio-temporal variation and dependence analysis of ET0 in north arid and cold region
    Huo Zailin, Shi Haibin, Chen Yaxin, Wei Zanmin, Qu Zhongyi
    2004, 20(6): 60-63.
    Abstract PDF
    Syntheses of two super absorbent polymers and their effects on soil water retention
    Wang Zhiyu, Liu Zuoxin, Cai Chongguang, Wei Yichang, Wang Zhenying, Fu Deyang
    2004, 20(6): 64-67.
    Abstract PDF
    Effect of surface mulching materials on infiltration of muddy water on loamy soils
    Wang Jinxin, Huang Baolong, Wang Dihai
    2004, 20(6): 68-72.
    Abstract PDF
    Model for predicting crop water requirements by using L-M optimization algorithm BP neural network
    Zhang Bing, Yuan Shouqi, Cheng Li, Yuan Jianping, Cong Xiaoqing
    2004, 20(6): 73-76.
    Abstract PDF
    Evapotranspiration and reasonable irrigation amount of the common turfgrasses in Beijing
    Zhang Xinmin, Sun Xinzhang, Hu Lin, Bian Xiuju, Zhao Bingxiang
    2004, 20(6): 77-80.
    Abstract PDF
    Experimental research on simple semicircular cylinder measuring-flume in rectangular canal
    Lü Hongxing, Yu Guo′an, Chen Junying, Zhao Yanfeng
    2004, 20(6): 81-84.
    Abstract PDF
    Method for calculating integrated flux deviation rate of micro-irrigation system
    Niu Wenquan, Wu Pute, Fan Xingke
    2004, 20(6): 85-88.
    Abstract PDF
    Artificial neural network model for assessing the sustainable utilization of regional water resources
    Song Songbai, Cai Huanjie
    2004, 20(6): 89-92.
    Abstract PDF
    Experimental study on effect of FA Handilong on water saving and production of apple tree in the rural areas in Beijing
    Han Yuguo, Ren Shumei, Li Yunkai, Zhang Wenli, Liu Honglu
    2004, 20(6): 93-97.
    Abstract PDF
    Review of the pesticide precision orchard spraying technologies
    Wang Wanzhang, Hong Tiansheng, Li Jie, Zhang Fugui, Lu Yongchao
    2004, 20(6): 98-101.
    Abstract PDF
    Pattern recognition of rolling bearing fault based on wavelet and radial basis function neural networks
    Lu Shuang, Yang Bin, Li Meng, Zhang Zida
    2004, 20(6): 102-105.
    Abstract PDF
    Predictive tracking and control method for vision-guided navigation of agricultural robot
    Zhou Jun, Liu Chengliang, Ji Changying
    2004, 20(6): 106-110.
    Abstract PDF
    Development and experimental research of small-scale sugarcane chopper
    Huang Hui, Chen Fuyu, Deng Ganran, Ou Zhongqing
    2004, 20(6): 111-114.
    Abstract PDF
    Selection of parameters and experiment of one-way inclining gravity screen for 5XFZ-30.0 model gravity cleaner
    Wang Yanfeng, Liang Zhonghua, Liu Zhaofeng, Niu Wenxiang, Yin Siwan
    2004, 20(6): 115-119.
    Abstract PDF
    WebGIS-based system for crop quality monitoring and planting optimization
    Pan Yuchun, Wang Jihua, Zhao Chunjiang, Feng Zhongke
    2004, 20(6): 120-123.
    Abstract PDF
    Field information collection and processing system based on palm-sized personal computer
    Fang Hui, He Yong
    2004, 20(6): 124-128.
    Abstract PDF
    Application of machine vision inspection system for orange petal quality detection
    Cai Jinhui, Zhou Zekui
    2004, 20(6): 129-132.
    Abstract PDF
    Application of SAR remote sensing to agricultural land use investigation
    Huang Mingxiang, Shi Zhou, Li Yan
    2004, 20(6): 133-137.
    Abstract PDF
    Method for classification of apple surface defect based on digital image processing
    Liu He, Wang Maohua
    2004, 20(6): 138-140.
    Abstract PDF
    Dynamic knowledge model and decision support system for rapeseed cultivation management
    Zhu Yan, Shen Weixiang, Cao Weixing, Tian Yongchao
    2004, 20(6): 141-144.
    Abstract PDF
    Decision tree algorithm of automatically extracting farmland information from SPOT-5 images based on characteristic bands
    Deng Jinsong, Wang Ke, Shen Zhangquan, Xu Hongwei
    2004, 20(6): 145-148.
    Abstract PDF
    Design and case study of the operational system of precision planting
    Cheng Yisong, Hu Chunsheng, Chen Suying, Lei Yuping, Li Hongjun
    2004, 20(6): 149-154.
    Abstract PDF
    Synthesis, structure and characterization of konjac glucomannan based degradable interpenetrating polymer networks films
    Li Bin, Wu Jun, Wang Chao, Xie Bijun
    2004, 20(6): 155-159.
    Abstract PDF
    Effects of polar components in frying oil on microstructure and texture of fried food
    Deng Yun, Wu Ying, Yang Mingduo, Yu Shanming, Li Yunfei
    2004, 20(6): 160-164.
    Abstract PDF
    Nutrients and antioxidation of black rice pericarp and the preservation effects of processing techniques
    Zhang Mingwei, Guo Baojiang, Chi Jianwei, Wei Zhencheng, Xu Zhihong, Zhang Ruifen
    2004, 20(6): 165-169.
    Abstract PDF
    Effects of microwave and ultrasound assisted extraction of main chemical components of tea
    Xia Tao, Shi Siquan, Wan Xiaochun
    2004, 20(6): 170-173.
    Abstract PDF
    Effect of naringinase on debittering of citrus juice
    Wang Hongfei, Li Hesheng, Dong Mingmin, Mao Yongliang, Zhang Dan
    2004, 20(6): 174-177.
    Abstract PDF
    Preparation of wheat germ protein by combining alkali dissolution-acid deposition with α-amylase hydrolysis
    Ma Haile, Xin Zhihong, Wu Shouyi
    2004, 20(6): 178-180.
    Abstract PDF
    Key technologies for cold pressing of de-hulled double-low rapeseed kernel for oil extraction
    Li Shilong, Hu Jianhua, Liu Xiefang, Lin Guoxiang
    2004, 20(6): 181-185.
    Abstract PDF
    Experimental study on the effects of the parameters of the extrusion expansion system on solvent extraction of oil from rapeseed
    Shen Dechao, Zhang Zhaoguo, Zhang Min, Xie Tiemin, Zhao Fengqin, Mao Xingjiang, Ma Chengye
    2004, 20(6): 186-189.
    Abstract PDF
    Effect of controlled air drying technology on the quality of dehydrated large yellow croakers
    Lü Feng, Zheng Mingfeng, Lu Zejian
    2004, 20(6): 190-193.
    Abstract PDF
    Detection of crack in brown rice kernel using wavelet transform
    Huang Xingyi, Wu Shouyi, Fang Ruming
    2004, 20(6): 194-196.
    Abstract PDF
    Experimental study on spray drying of flaxseed gum
    Tan Hequn, Mao Zhihuai, Yang Hongzhi
    2004, 20(6): 197-200.
    Abstract PDF
    Optimum extraction technology of flavonoids in sesame leaves
    Huang Zeyuan, Wang Haibin, Liu Zhiwei
    2004, 20(6): 201-204.
    Abstract PDF
    Color protection and freshness-keeping technology of Agaricus bisporus during modified atmosphere storage
    Wang Xiangyou, Shi Qilong, Wang Juan, Zhu Jiying, Zhao Ya
    2004, 20(6): 205-208.
    Abstract PDF
    Freshness preservation of Chinese bayberry during simple low-temperature storage
    Lu Shengmin, Chai Chunyan, Kong Fanchun, Lin Yingying, Wang Qun
    2004, 20(6): 209-211.
    Abstract PDF
    Detection of tocopherols in extracts by supercritical carbon dioxide with LC/APCI-MS2
    Zhou Quancheng, Sheng Guihua, Wu Moucheng
    2004, 20(6): 212-215.
    Abstract PDF
    Preparation technology and properties of the crosslinking acetate of potato starch
    Du Lianqi, Hui Beibei, Liu Ruiqing
    2004, 20(6): 216-219.
    Abstract PDF
    Mass transfer during osmotic dehydration of carrots
    Tian Hongping, Wang Jianping
    2004, 20(6): 220-222.
    Abstract PDF
    Optimization of extrusion cooking conditions of extrusion-cooked chicken-rice snack with twin-screw extruder
    Wang Wenxian, Liu Xuewen, Xie Yonghong, Ran Xu
    2004, 20(6): 223-226.
    Abstract PDF
    Numerical simulation of airflow distribution inside a tunnel greenhouse under two typical outside wind directions
    Shen Mingwei, Hao Feilin
    2004, 20(6): 227-232.
    Abstract PDF
    Method for evaluating anti-drop property of glazing materials for greenhouse
    Zhou Changji, Zhou Xinqun
    2004, 20(6): 233-236.
    Abstract PDF
    Integrated system combined with machinery, bacteria and grass to treat wastewater from a zero-discharge recirculation aquaculture system
    Pan Jinming, Jiang Xionghui
    2004, 20(6): 237-241.
    Abstract PDF
    Research and development of measuring and controlling system for agricultural facilities
    Liu Shiguang, Ma Jiwei, Shi Ruizhen, Liu Jianmin, Wang Jianfeng
    2004, 20(6): 242-245.
    Abstract PDF
    Investigation of devolatilization characteristics of pulverized corn stalk at flash heating rate
    Yi Weiming, Bai Xueyuan, Li Zhihe, Li Yongjun, He Fang
    2004, 20(6): 246-250.
    Abstract PDF
    Rapid near infrared prediction of broiler manure nutrient contents
    Kong Yuan, Han Lujia, Jia Guiru, Zhu Shiping
    2004, 20(6): 251-254.
    Abstract PDF
    Treatment and reuse of piggery wastewater by composting process of straw
    Deng Liangwei, Tan Xiaoqin, Li Jian, Chen Zi′ai, Tang Yuzhen, Zhu Hui
    2004, 20(6): 255-259.
    Abstract PDF
    Effects of cow manure on release regulation of microelements in coal bottom ash
    Li Fahu
    2004, 20(6): 260-265.
    Abstract PDF
    Atlas analyses of karst land rocky desertification and ecological rehabilitation model
    Liao Chimei, Liu Yanhua, Hu Baoqing, Yan Zhiqiang, Zhou Xing
    2004, 20(6): 266-271.
    Abstract PDF
    Updating method of land use database based on hyper-spectral and high resolution images
    Zhang Dingxiang, Li Xianwen, Yang Jihong
    2004, 20(6): 272-276.
    Abstract PDF
    Comparison and analysis of factor method and modifying method for agricultural land gradation
    Ma Renhui, Li Xiaobo, Li Qiang, Ren Xiangning
    2004, 20(6): 277-281.
    Abstract PDF
    Application of income capitalization approach based on grey system theory in the evaluation of agricultrual land price
    Qian Jianping, Zhou Yong, Yun Wenju, Wang Zhigang, Li Weizhe
    2004, 20(6): 282-285.
    Abstract PDF
    Potential grain productivity and its exploitation of a county in Loess hilly-gully region
    Liu Xinwei, Chen Baiming
    2004, 20(6): 286-290.
    Abstract PDF
    Retrospection on the development history protected horticulture in China
    Zhang Hongping, Zhang Farui
    2004, 20(6): 291-295.
    Abstract PDF
    Research advances of application of ohmic heating in food industry
    Sun Yuli, Li Fade, Yang Yu′e, Han Yuzhen, Tian Fuyang
    2004, 20(6): 296-300.
    Abstract PDF

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