Estimation of apple storage quality properties with mechanical property based on grey system theory
    Li Xiaoyu, Wang Wei
    2005, 21(2): 1-6.
    Abstract PDF
    Mechanical characteristics and the finite element analysis of grapes
    Wang Rong, Jiao Qunying, Wei Deqiang, Gao Yongyi
    2005, 21(2): 7-10.
    Abstract PDF
    Numerical simulation and verification of airflow in cold-store
    Xie Jing, Qu Xiaohua, Xu Shiqiong
    2005, 21(2): 11-16.
    Abstract PDF
    Method and theory for rapid development of drip emitters for drip irrigation with low cost
    Wei Qingsong, Shi Yusheng, Lu Jun, Dong Wenchu, Huang Shuhuai
    2005, 21(2): 17-21.
    Abstract PDF
    Modal experiment and analysis of resin based composite engine block
    Wen Dijiang, Zhang Li, Zhang Heng
    2005, 21(2): 22-24.
    Abstract PDF
    Model for predicting apparent viscosity of the microfiltration concentrated broth of Bacillus thuringiensis
    Liu Hualiang, Chen Shouwen, Sun Ming, Yu Ziniu
    2005, 21(2): 25-29.
    Abstract PDF
    Advances on diagnosis of crop moisture content from changes in stem diameters of plants
    Meng Zhaojiang, Duan Aiwang, Liu Zugui, Zhang Jiyang
    2005, 21(2): 30-33.
    Abstract PDF
    Graphic method for irrigation optimal allocation of small reservoir system
    Zhu Yingyuan, Shi Ning, Dong Aihong
    2005, 21(2): 34-37.
    Abstract PDF
    Optimum ratio of ridge to furrow for planting potato in micro-water harvesting system in semiarid areas
    Wang Qi, Zhang Enhe, Li Fengmin, Wang Xiaoling
    2005, 21(2): 38-41.
    Abstract PDF
    Optimum design for tapered diameter pipeline with multiple outlets based on genetic algorithm
    Bai Dan, Wang Xin
    2005, 21(2): 42-45.
    Abstract PDF
    Determination of optimal laying length of gravitational flexible hose for micro-irrigation
    Liu Huanfang, Sun Haiyan, Su Ping, Cai Xiaochao
    2005, 21(2): 46-50.
    Abstract PDF
    Analysis of feasible grid space in agricultural land levelling survey
    Xu Di, Li Yinong, Li Fuxiang, Bai Meijian
    2005, 21(2): 51-55.
    Abstract PDF
    Application of ideal point method to the evaluationof land use planning project
    Tang Jianglong, Zhao Xiaomin, Shi Xueyi
    2005, 21(2): 56-59.
    Abstract PDF
    Spatial analysis and optimal allocation of land resources based on land suitability evaluation in Shandong Province
    Zheng Yu, Hu Yecui, Liu Yansui, Zhao Gengxing
    2005, 21(2): 60-65.
    Abstract PDF
    Assessment of ecological footprint of national general land use planning in China
    Lai Li, Huang Xianjin
    2005, 21(2): 66-71.
    Abstract PDF
    Land cover classification in red soil hilly region of China using multi-temporal VEGETATION/NDVI data: a case study of Poyang basin
    Wang Quanfang, Li Jiayong
    2005, 21(2): 72-77.
    Abstract PDF
    Mathematical modeling and optimization design of the wave shape bionic bulldozing plate surface based on genetic algorithm
    Ren Luquan, Liu Qinghuai, Tao Min
    2005, 21(2): 78-82.
    Abstract PDF
    Research and development of intelligent flexible chassis for precision farming
    Luo Xiwen, Ou Yinggang, Zhao Zuoxi, Zhao Xin, Zhang Zhigang, Zhang Zhibin, Lu Guangyu, Li Junling
    2005, 21(2): 83-85.
    Abstract PDF
    Research and design of time domain simulation system for vehicle road stochastic irregularity
    Zhang Yonglin, Teng Honghua, Hou Chuanliang
    2005, 21(2): 86-91.
    Abstract PDF
    Technology optimization and test of the cutter of machine for chopping and returning stubble into soil by flame spraying and remelting NiWC alloy coating
    Ma Yuejin, Hao Jianjun, Shen Yuzeng, Li Jianchang
    2005, 21(2): 92-95.
    Abstract PDF
    Land cover mapping of winter wheat and clover using muti-temporal Landsat NIR band in a growing season
    Li Cunjun, Wang Jihua, Liu Liangyun, Song Xiaoyu, Wang Renchao
    2005, 21(2): 96-101.
    Abstract PDF
    Removing the speckle noises in beef image using an improved adaptive fuzzy multilevel median filter algorithm
    Jia Yuan, Ji Changying
    2005, 21(2): 102-105.
    Abstract PDF
    Assessing the climatic risk to crop yield of winter wheat using crop growth models
    Sun Ning, Feng Liping
    2005, 21(2): 106-110.
    Abstract PDF
    Anaerobic biogasification of NaOH-treated corn stalk
    Luo Qingming, Li Xiujin, Zhu Baoning, Yang Dongyan, Li Laiqing
    2005, 21(2): 111-115.
    Abstract PDF
    Characteristics of nitrogen and phosphorus losses from swine production systems in Jiulong River watershed
    Zeng Yue, Hong Huasheng, Cao Wenzhi, Chen Nengwang, Li Yongyu, Huang Yunfeng
    2005, 21(2): 116-120.
    Abstract PDF
    Experimental research on steam stripping of Polycyclic Aromalic Hydrocarbons(PAHs) from contaminated soil
    Ma Hugen, Luo Xing, Feng Xiaoqiong, Li Meiling
    2005, 21(2): 121-125.
    Abstract PDF
    Design of sewage treatment engineering on large-scale swine farm
    Chen Biao, Chen Min, Qian Wuqiao, Weng Boqi, Xu Qingxian
    2005, 21(2): 126-130.
    Abstract PDF
    Measurement of the sugar contents of fruit juices and drinks by ultrasonics
    Liu Donghong, Ye Xingqian, Zhou Xianghua, Wu Zhaotong
    2005, 21(2): 131-134.
    Abstract PDF
    Experimental research on drying technology for high moisture content paddy
    Liu Qijue
    2005, 21(2): 135-139.
    Abstract PDF
    Supercritical CO2 extraction of fragrant oil from pomelo flower
    Xie Huiming, Zhang Wencheng, Pan Jian
    2005, 21(2): 140-143.
    Abstract PDF
    Extraction and antiseptic effect of curcumin on foods
    Zhang Youlin, Han Junqi, Lu Chenhui, Liang Jinli
    2005, 21(2): 144-148.
    Abstract PDF
    Inactivation and conformational change of pectinesterase induced by pulsed electric fields
    Zhong Kui, Hu Xiaosong, Chen Fang, Wu Jihong, Liao Xiaojun
    2005, 21(2): 149-152.
    Abstract PDF
    Technology for extraction of polysaccharide by usingmicrowave technology from Porphyra yezoensis
    Liu Qingmei, Yang Xingmin, Deng Hongxia, Yang Liuming, Wu Yinglong
    2005, 21(2): 153-156.
    Abstract PDF
    Preservation of beef by coating with zein
    Wang Xuerong, Kan Jianquan, Peng Shunqing, Chen Zongdao
    2005, 21(2): 157-160.
    Abstract PDF
    Technology for extracting diosgenin from seeds of Trigonella foenum-graecum through enzymatic hydrolysis
    Zhang Liming, Zhang Luyi, Du Lianxiang
    2005, 21(2): 161-164.
    Abstract PDF
    Extraction of protamine from carp spermary and its antibacterial stability
    Huang Zhanwang, Shangguan Xinchen, Shen Yonggen, Wu Shaofu, Xu Mingsheng, Jiang Yan
    2005, 21(2): 165-168.
    Abstract PDF
    Refining piperonyl butoxide by short-path distillation technology
    Xu Songlin, Ying Anguo
    2005, 21(2): 169-171.
    Abstract PDF
    Research progress of alternate partial rootzone irrigation on fruit tree
    Du Taisheng, Kang Shaozhong, Hu Xiaotao, Zhang Fucang, Gong Daozhi
    2005, 21(2): 172-178.
    Abstract PDF
    Research advances and prospects of combine on precision agriculture in China
    Jie Zhan, Liu Hongjun, Hou Fengyun
    2005, 21(2): 179-182.
    Abstract PDF
    Review of the hot-box methods for measuring the thermal transmittance of greenhouse covering materials
    Qin Midao, Ma Chengwei, Liu Ruichun
    2005, 21(2): 183-186.
    Abstract PDF
    Measures for promoting the harmony development of technical standards and research and development in agro-product processing industry
    Sun Yu, Lu Fengjun, Shen Jin, Zhou Feiyue
    2005, 21(2): 187-189.
    Abstract PDF
    Uniformly designed experimental study on belt type cross-flow drying of carrot
    Guan Zhiji, Li Ning, Zhang Jinjiang, Shen Yihong, Wang Mulan
    2005, 21(2): 190-192.
    Abstract PDF

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