Examination of Function of π-Equation's Prediction via Experiment of Settling Time of a Sphere in a Fluid
    Jiang Yi-yuan, Tu Chen-hai, Liu Dao-shun, Jiang En-chen
    1996, 12(3): 1-6.
    Abstract PDF
    Proper Formulation of π-Equation and a Comparison With Regressive Orthogonal Rotating Experimental Design
    Jiang Yi-yuan
    1996, 12(3): 7-11.
    Abstract PDF
    Verification of the Theory for a Sphere Settling in Fluid With Resistance in Different Ranges by Experiment of π-Testing Design
    Jiang Yi-yuan
    1996, 12(3): 12-15.
    Abstract PDF
    Study on Soil Adhesion Phenomena by Chemical Adsorption
    Cong Qian, Ren Lu-quan, Chen Bing-cong
    1996, 12(3): 16-20.
    Abstract PDF
    Experiment and Determination of Drought Resistant Varieties of Wheat
    Zhao Ju-bao, Zhong Zhao-zhan, Xue Jun-hong, Liu Heng-yao, Zhang Xian-chu, Huang Feng
    1996, 12(3): 21-25.
    Abstract PDF
    Analysis of the Vehicle Vibration System on Soft Terrain Surface
    Ge Jian-min, Liu Ming-shu, Yin Ji-hong, Wang Zhi-zhong
    1996, 12(3): 26-31.
    Abstract PDF
    Effect of Super-environmental Factors on Physical Properties of Agricultural Materials
    Chen Yuan-sheng, Jiang Song, Xu Sheng-yan, Chen Lu
    1996, 12(3): 32-37.
    Abstract PDF
    Measurement Methods of Heat Conduct Coefficient of Biomass
    Yi Wei-ming, Guo Chao, Yao Bao-gang
    1996, 12(3): 38-41.
    Abstract PDF
    Research for Measurement System of Mechanical Rheological Properties of Agricultural Materials
    Ma Xiao-yu, Lei De-tian, Liu Li-yi, Zhang Zhan, Meng Fan-jiang
    1996, 12(3): 42-45.
    Abstract PDF
    Applications of Fuzzy Sets to the Study on Grain Drying
    Dai Tian-hong, Cao Chong-wen
    1996, 12(3): 46-51.
    Abstract PDF
    Numerical Study on the Heat and Mass Transfer in Potato During Drying
    Li Ye-bo, Qin Yu-chang, Li Ye-de
    1996, 12(3): 52-55.
    Abstract PDF
    Drought Relief Measures and Irrigation in Lowland of Three River Plain
    Ma Yong-sheng
    1996, 12(3): 56-59.
    Abstract PDF
    Mechanism of Water Saving and High Yielding Under Furrow Irrigation on the Plastic Film in Wheat Cotton Intercropping Field
    Zhang Wei, Si-tu Song, Wang He-zhou
    1996, 12(3): 60-65.
    Abstract PDF
    Research for Soil Water Movement From a Buried Trickle Source
    Li Guang-yong, Zeng De-chao, Duan Zhong-suo, Qu Xiao-hong
    1996, 12(3): 66-71.
    Abstract PDF
    Computer Measure and Control of a Larger High Precision Lysimeter
    Yang Xin-min, Shen Bing, Zhang Jian-feng, Liang Yi-min
    1996, 12(3): 72-76.
    Abstract PDF
    Spatial Variability and Estimation of Information of Linear Nonstationary Soil Moisture in Farm Field
    Shi Hai-bin, Chen Ya-xin
    1996, 12(3): 77-82.
    Abstract PDF
    Development and Application of Pump Structure for Large Pumping Station
    Chen Hong-xun
    1996, 12(3): 83-86.
    Abstract PDF
    Dynamic Prediction for Land Utilization Efficiency With Remote Sensor Technology
    Sun Yi-bin
    1996, 12(3): 87-91.
    Abstract PDF
    Study on Improvement of Measurement Accuracy of Turbo flowmeter in Pump Test
    Wang Yang
    1996, 12(3): 92-95.
    Abstract PDF
    Study and Design on Power Tiller for Flooded Paddysoil and Dry Paddysoil
    Chen De-jun, Shu Wei-jun, Wang Guang-shan, Zhou Yi-jun, Fang Xiang, Wu Bao-hua
    1996, 12(3): 96-100.
    Abstract PDF
    Optimal Selection of Powerplant for Agricultural Transport Vehicles
    Wu Zhi-min, He Ren
    1996, 12(3): 101-105.
    Abstract PDF
    Numerical Calculation of Heat Transfer Coefficient in the Oil Groove of a Wet Brake
    Zhang Yun-long, Sun Dong-ye, Zou Guang-de, Zhu Wen-nong, Yu Chang-yi
    1996, 12(3): 106-111.
    Abstract PDF
    Optimal Design for Car Crane Retractable Arms and the Performance Analysis
    Hu Tie-hua, Ma Cheng-lin, Cao Jin-hai
    1996, 12(3): 112-116.
    Abstract PDF
    Simulation of Kinematic Characteristics Analysis for the Luffing Device of Bucket Wheel Stacker/Reclaimer
    Wang Yu-xing, Cao Jin-hai, Liu Gang, Zhu Wen-nong
    1996, 12(3): 117-121.
    Abstract PDF
    Simulation of Dynamic Characteristics for the Luffing Device of Bucket Wheel Stacker/Reclaimer
    Wang Yu-xing, Cao Jin-hai, Sun Dong-ye, Zhu Wen-nong
    1996, 12(3): 122-125.
    Abstract PDF
    Analyses on Motion of Driven Wheel of Agricultural Machinery
    Lei De-tian, Ma Xiao-yu, Zhang Zhan
    1996, 12(3): 126-129.
    Abstract PDF
    Research for and Manufacture of Double Voussoir Injection Forming Machine
    Hua Yu-pei, Yuan Guang-ming, Wang Xiao-yue
    1996, 12(3): 130-134.
    Abstract PDF
    Effects on Evaporation of the Design Parameters in Fog Fan System
    Xu Gang-yi, Zhou Chang-ji
    1996, 12(3): 135-138.
    Abstract PDF
    Estimating Nutrient Content of Animal Sluries
    Han Lu-jia, Trevor Cumby, Ian Scotford
    1996, 12(3): 139-143.
    Abstract PDF
    A Small Net Method for Local Climate Calculation in Mountain Area
    Ou-yang Zong-Ji, Zhao Xin-ping, Zhao You-zhong, Zhang Lian-qiang
    1996, 12(3): 144-148.
    Abstract PDF
    Study on Diary Cow Conformation Image Information System
    Chen Shun-san, Wang Mao-hua, Tan Mei-fang
    1996, 12(3): 149-152.
    Abstract PDF
    Study on the System Controlled by the Computer for Destroying Enzyme of Green Tea
    Jiang You-guang
    1996, 12(3): 153-157.
    Abstract PDF
    Computer Aided Quality Inspecting and Grading for Agricultural Products (1st half)——Quantitative Inspection of External Quality Characters of Tobacco Leaf
    Zhang Jian-ping, Wu Shou-yi, Fang Ru-ming
    1996, 12(3): 158-162.
    Abstract PDF
    Study on Test Facility for Evaluating Fertilized Eggs by Bioelectricity
    Shen Lin-sheng, Chen Ning, Wang Guang-liang
    1996, 12(3): 163-166.
    Abstract PDF
    Mechanism and Microwave Equipment for Passivate Enzyme
    Wang Shao-lin
    1996, 12(3): 167-171.
    Abstract PDF
    Image Process Technique to Cognize the External Qualities and Milling Degree of Rice
    Xu Li, Qian Min-juan, Fang Ru-ming, Luo Yu-kun
    1996, 12(3): 172-175.
    Abstract PDF
    A Survey on Flow Rate Measurement Under the Hydraulic Test
    Wu Jian-jun, Su Da-zhen
    1996, 12(3): 176-180.
    Abstract PDF
    Study on Characteristics of Humidicool System and Its Application to Precooling and Storage of Fruits and Vegetables
    Wang Qun, Jiang Ming-neng
    1996, 12(3): 181-185.
    Abstract PDF
    Study on Correlations Between Dielectric Properties and Freshness of Apples
    Zhang Li-bin, Xu Fang, Zhou Guo-jun, Jia Can-chun, Zhao Wen-xia
    1996, 12(3): 186-190.
    Abstract PDF
    Experiment and Research on Lychee Drying Under Atmosphere and Decompression
    Zhao Hua-hai, Li Chang-you, Guan Zhi-ji
    1996, 12(3): 191-195.
    Abstract PDF
    Experiment Study on Possibility of Extruded Maize Used as the Beer Adjunct
    Shen De-chao, Zhou Xin, Sun Bai-quan, Guo Xian, Li Bao-lin, Xiao He-yun
    1996, 12(3): 196-198.
    Abstract PDF
    Studies on the Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Sweet Potato Sphinx Pupa Protein and the Processing Technique of Amino Acids Nutrition Liquid
    Chen Shao-jun, Ke Fan-sheng
    1996, 12(3): 199-204.
    Abstract PDF
    Formation, Prevention and Clearance of Foul for Evaporative Condensation in the Clarified Spent Wash
    Wang Pei-jin, Sun Ting-zong, Zhou Zuo-shen
    1996, 12(3): 205-208.
    Abstract PDF
    Research on the Conic Wind Funnel Previous Cleaning Mechanism of Grain
    Lin Gong-zhen
    1996, 12(3): 209-213.
    Abstract PDF

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