Quantitative Analysis of Present Employment Situation and Its Countermeasuresin China
    Zhu Yongda, Wang Chao, Ying Jilai, Yu Yiwen
    1999, 15(2): 1-5.
    Abstract PDF
    The Tactics of Ensuring Sustainable Developmentof Rural Economy in China
    Chen Shaojun
    1999, 15(2): 6-10.
    Abstract PDF
    An Estimating Method Used for the Policy Making in Agricultural Industrialization Management: An income elasticity estimating method ofrequirements for agricultural byproducts
    Zheng Zhian, Fu Zetian
    1999, 15(2): 11-14.
    Abstract PDF
    A Review of Study on Electromagnetic Bioeffects of Agricultural Lives
    Hu Yucai, Yuan Quan, Chen Kuifu
    1999, 15(2): 15-20.
    Abstract PDF
    Phytoremediation and Agrobiological Environmental Engineering
    Tang Shirong, B. M. Wilke
    1999, 15(2): 21-26.
    Abstract PDF
    Modelling of Steering System of Automatically Guided Vehicle System(AGVS) by the System Identification
    Wang Zhizhong, Wang Rongben, Zhang Youkun, Li Bing
    1999, 15(2): 27-31.
    Abstract PDF
    Design and Test of the Bionic Camel Foot Rubber Tire for DesertVehicles
    Li Jie, Zhuang Jide, Wei Dong
    1999, 15(2): 32-36.
    Abstract PDF
    A Kind of Determinations of Soil Dielectric ConstantUsing the Principle of StandingWave Ratio
    Sun Yurui, Wang Maohua, Zhao Yandong
    1999, 15(2): 37-41.
    Abstract PDF
    The Recursive Transfer Matrix Method to Calculate the Torsional Vibration of Complex Transmission System
    Chen Kuifu, Peng Hongtao, Jiao Qunying
    1999, 15(2): 42-45.
    Abstract PDF
    Study on Vehicle Power Measurement Using Partial Load Acceleration
    Huang Jian, Wang Wu
    1999, 15(2): 46-49.
    Abstract PDF
    The Finite Element Method for the Natural Frequenciesof Revolution Bellows Considering the Coupling Effect Between Bellows and Liquid
    Zhang Jinguo, Shi Yan, Diao Xinhua, Jiang Jinlin, Wang Shuying
    1999, 15(2): 50-54.
    Abstract PDF
    The Load Spectrum of Farm Vehicles and Its Applications
    Li Jinshan, Xue Guanglan
    1999, 15(2): 55-58.
    Abstract PDF
    Quality and SoilWater Conservation Effectiveness of Level Terrace on the Loess Plateau
    Jiao Juying, Wang Wanzhong
    1999, 15(2): 59-63.
    Abstract PDF
    Study on Soil Water Movement With Changeable Groundwater Level During Soil Freezing and Thawing
    Shang Songhao, Lei Zhidong, Yang Shixiu, Wang Yi, Zhao Dongmei
    1999, 15(2): 64-68.
    Abstract PDF
    Water and Salt Transport Model in Farmland Under Planting
    Zhang Zhanyu, Guo Xiangpin, Qiao Baoyu, Su Jie
    1999, 15(2): 69-73.
    Abstract PDF
    Water Retaining BP Agent and Its Effect on Soil and Crops
    Zhang Fucang, Kang Shaozhong
    1999, 15(2): 74-78.
    Abstract PDF
    Application and Evaluation of LaserControlled Land Leveling Technology
    Li Yinong, Xu Di, Li Fuxiang, Yang Jifu
    1999, 15(2): 79-84.
    Abstract PDF
    Research on Device Model of Axial Flow Pump on Yanguan Xiahe Pump Station in Zhejiang Province
    Shi Weidong
    1999, 15(2): 85-89.
    Abstract PDF
    Linkage System CAD on Flat FlapGate
    Fu Qiang
    1999, 15(2): 90-93.
    Abstract PDF
    Theoretical Calculation and Program Design for Reasonable Regimentation of Farm Machinery
    Wang Qishan, Qiu lichun, Wang Dali, Wang Zhigang
    1999, 15(2): 94-95.
    Abstract PDF
    Study on Nonlinear Property of Agricultural Machinery Products Possessions
    Chen Lineng, Xie Yongliang, Chen Bingjun
    1999, 15(2): 96-102.
    Abstract PDF
    Study on the Riding Comfortability of the Tractor Trailer Combination
    Liu Mingshu, Peng Qiaoli, Zhang Youkun, Gao Jucheng
    1999, 15(2): 103-106.
    Abstract PDF
    Experimental Study on Spray Deposition Uniformity
    Qi Lijun, Fu Zetian
    1999, 15(2): 107-111.
    Abstract PDF
    Research on Main Components of the Machine for Retrieving the Used Plastic Film After Harvesting
    Na Mingjun, Dong Xin, Hou Shulin, Zhang Huiyou, Li Yuanqiang, Yang Xiaoli
    1999, 15(2): 112-115.
    Abstract PDF
    Study on the Technology of Improving Working Condition of Small Diesel Engine
    Chen Jun, He Yong
    1999, 15(2): 116-120.
    Abstract PDF
    Development of Antiwear Cylinder With TitaniumAlloy Cast Iron
    Wang Zhiming, Liu Zengwen, Wang Haoguo
    1999, 15(2): 121-125.
    Abstract PDF
    Experimental Study on Making the Surface CompositeWith WC ParticlesHighChrome Cast Iron
    Xu Bin, Zhang Xiaohui, Yang Jiaoxi
    1999, 15(2): 126-129.
    Abstract PDF
    Determining the Optimal Belt Tightness of Walking Tractor
    Bao Yidan, He Yong, Xu Jian
    1999, 15(2): 130.
    Abstract PDF
    Study on Strength of the Frames of Three WheelVehicle Used in Agriculture and the Material Saving
    Chen Long, Wang Jinwen, Xue Nianwen, Chen Tailian
    1999, 15(2): 134-138.
    Abstract PDF
    Study and Analysis on the Structure of the Front Frame of a Loader Using Finite Element Method
    Zhang Wobo
    1999, 15(2): 139-142.
    Abstract PDF
    Experimental Study on Soybean Cleaning Using Reciprocating Vibration Screen
    Hao Xinliang
    1999, 15(2): 143-146.
    Abstract PDF
    Study on the Separating Properties of CockleburFrom Soybean and the Separator
    Chen Henggao, Tian Jinhe, Song Laitian, Liu Tianxiang, Ding Yuanhe
    1999, 15(2): 147-150.
    Abstract PDF
    Structure Design of EastChina Type MultiSpan Plastic Greenhouse
    Yu Yonghua, Cui Shaorong, Miao Xiangwen, Shen Mingwei, Shen Bin
    1999, 15(2): 151-154.
    Abstract PDF
    Study on the Energy Conservation of Huabei Type Multispan Plastic Greenhouse and Its Practice
    Pan Qiang, Huang Zhidong, Ma Chengwei, Li Yicui
    1999, 15(2): 155-159.
    Abstract PDF
    Experiment of Heating & Heatstoring of the Underground Heat Exchange System in a Multispan Greenhouse
    Ma Chengwei, Huang Zhidong, Mu Lijun
    1999, 15(2): 160-164.
    Abstract PDF
    The Speedy Test to Identify Optimal Growth Temperature for AquaticPoikilothermal Animals
    Cui Shaorong, Miao Xin, Zhang Kaixun
    1999, 15(2): 165-167.
    Abstract PDF
    Performance Analysis on Several Kinds of Insulation Pads for Solar Plastic Greenhouse
    Zhou Changji, Zhou Xinqun, Gui Jinguang
    1999, 15(2): 168-171.
    Abstract PDF
    Assessment of Economic Benifits From Straw Gasification System for Centralized Village Cooking Gas Supply Developed by ERI of SDAS
    Gu Shuhua, Zhou Luping, Yao Xiangyang
    1999, 15(2): 172-176.
    Abstract PDF
    Application of Morphological Image Processing inStem Location and Edge Detection of Apple Automatic Grading
    Xu Juan, Wang Maohua
    1999, 15(2): 177-180.
    Abstract PDF
    Study on NOAA and TM Image Matching Methods
    Wang Maoxin, Pei Zhiyuan, Yang Bangjie, Hu Junwei
    1999, 15(2): 181-184.
    Abstract PDF
    An Interactive Image Interpreting System for LandUse Remote Sensing Monitoring Based on GIS
    Zhang Songling, Yang Bangjie, Wang Fei, Pei Zhiyuan
    1999, 15(2): 185-188.
    Abstract PDF
    The Analysis of Moisture Diffusion in Rough Rice With Finite Element Method
    Fu Zhiyi, Hua Yunlong
    1999, 15(2): 189-193.
    Abstract PDF
    Experimental Study on the Relationship Between PaddyCrack Additional Percentage and Drying Conditions
    Zheng Xianzhe, Wang Chengzhi
    1999, 15(2): 194-197.
    Abstract PDF
    Simulation of Germination of Grain SeedsDuring Concurrent Flow Drying
    Lian Zhenguo, Zhu Wenxue, Cao Chongwen
    1999, 15(2): 198-201.
    Abstract PDF
    Test Study on Extrusion Maize With Germ as Beer Adjunct
    Shen Dechao, Meng Yang, Zhou Xin, Zhang Li, Wang Xiaokai, Wang Liwei
    1999, 15(2): 202-207.
    Abstract PDF
    Selection of Entrainers in Extraction of Paprika With Supercritical Carbon Dioxide
    Zang Zhiqing, Zhou Duanmei, Lin Shuying
    1999, 15(2): 208-212.
    Abstract PDF
    Experimental Research on Decorticating and Pitting Machine of Fresh Longan
    Li Ming, Deng Ganran, Lian Wenwei, Lian Shihua
    1999, 15(2): 213-217.
    Abstract PDF
    The Influence of Corn-Bean Meal Type Ration Added With Different Enzyme Preparations on Fatting Effects of Egg-Type Cockerels
    Wang Chengzhang, Wang Zhixiang, Kong Qingyou, Zhang Fawang
    1999, 15(2): 218-221.
    Abstract PDF

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