Viscous Force of Squeeze Flow Between Two Spherical Particles With Power-Law Fluid
    Xu Yong, Huang Wenbin, Li Hongyan
    2002, 18(2): 1-4.
    Abstract PDF
    Analysis of Sensitivity of Soil Moisture Measurement Based on Standing-Wave Ratio
    Zhao Yandong, Wang Yiming
    2002, 18(2): 5-8.
    Abstract PDF
    Numerical Simulation for Incompressible Turbulent Flow in Impellers of Double-Channel Pumps
    Liu Houlin, Yuan Shouqi, Shi Weidong, Ma Haochen, Yuan Jianping
    2002, 18(2): 9-12.
    Abstract PDF
    Comparison of Green-Ampt Model With Philip Infiltration Model
    Wang Quanjiu, Lai Jianbing, Li Yi
    2002, 18(2): 13-16.
    Abstract PDF
    Experimental Study on Factors Effecting Soil Wetted Volume of Clay Loam Under Drip Irrigation
    Zhang Zhenhua, Cai Huanjie, Guo Yongchang, Geng Baojiang
    2002, 18(2): 17-20.
    Abstract PDF
    Morphology Structures and Properties of Animal Hairs
    Yang Xiaodong, Ren Luquan
    2002, 18(2): 21-24.
    Abstract PDF
    Relationship Between Canopy Water Content and Temperature of Winter Wheat Under Different Water and Nitrogen Treatments
    Zhao Chunjiang, Huang Wenjiang, Wang Zhijie, Wang Beihong, Wang Jihua
    2002, 18(2): 25-28.
    Abstract PDF
    Effects of Plastic Film Mulching on Temperature Increase and Preservation of Soil Moisture and Its Responses to Growth Character of Rice with Dry-land Cultivation
    Wang Youzhen, Yuan Xianjiang, Xu Hu, Cao Xiuqing
    2002, 18(2): 29-31.
    Abstract PDF
    Dynamic Sediment Yield of Rill Erosion
    Zhang Qingwen, Lei Tingwu, Pan Yinghua, Xia Weisheng, Liu Jigen
    2002, 18(2): 32-35.
    Abstract PDF
    Water Consumption Characteristics for Summer Corn Under Under No-Tillage With Mulch
    Zhang Hailin, Chen Fu, Qin Yaodong, Zhu Wenshan
    2002, 18(2): 36-40.
    Abstract PDF
    Influence of Irrigation Water Temperature on the Infiltration Characteristics of Frozen Soils
    Xing Shuyan
    2002, 18(2): 41-44.
    Abstract PDF
    Experimental Study on Optimizing Mud Prescription for Well Drilling by Using Comprehensively Weighted Grading Method
    Wu Jianmin, Tao Juchun
    2002, 18(2): 45-48.
    Abstract PDF
    Effect of Long-Term Returning Straw to Soil on Soil Fertility
    Lao Xiurong, Wu Ziyi, Gao Yanchun
    2002, 18(2): 49-52.
    Abstract PDF
    Irrigation Scheduling of Tomato by Subsurface Irrigation With Porous Pipe in Greenhouse
    Zhuge Yuping, Zhang Yulong, Li Aifeng, Chen Bin
    2002, 18(2): 53-57.
    Abstract PDF
    Returning and Covering Whole Corn Stalk into Soil
    Zhao Sishen, Duan Ruhao, Ning Jizhou, Zhang Xiqun, Jia Sumei, Wang Huixin, Zhao Xiangying
    2002, 18(2): 58-61.
    Abstract PDF
    Influence of Wall Vibration on the Sound in a Cab and Noise Reduction With Damping
    Liu Hongguang, Lu Senlin, Zeng Falin
    2002, 18(2): 62-64.
    Abstract PDF
    Design of Small-Discharge Low-Specific-Speed Submersible Sewage Pump
    Shi Weidong, Liou Houlin, Zhang Rongbiao, Cao Weidong, Liu Xiaolong
    2002, 18(2): 65-67.
    Abstract PDF
    Harvesting Technology in Double-harvest Rice Regions and R & D of Combine Harvesting Machine
    Wang Yue, Cao Yang, Xia Xiaodong, Shi Wuming, Yin Shoutian, Yang Yaowu, Kuai Jie
    2002, 18(2): 68-71.
    Abstract PDF
    Fuzzy Control for Environment Parameters in Greenhouse
    Yu Yongchang, Hu Jiandong, Mao Pengjun
    2002, 18(2): 72-75.
    Abstract PDF
    Thermal Preservation Effect of Multi-Film Covering and Heating Wire in Plastic Greenhouses in Winter
    Li Pingping, Hu Yongguang
    2002, 18(2): 76-79.
    Abstract PDF
    Hen House of Brick Arch Structure With Small Windows
    Jing Donglin, Gu Shaopeng, Gu Lin
    2002, 18(2): 80-83.
    Abstract PDF
    Method and Case Study of Appraising Sustainable Development on Rural Energy in China
    Wang Xiaohua, Feng Zhenmin
    2002, 18(2): 84-86.
    Abstract PDF
    Study & Design on Straw Hot Water Boiler for Heating Plant
    Tian Yishui, Zhang Jianming, Chen Xiaofu, Yao Xiangjun, Cui Yuanbo
    2002, 18(2): 87-90.
    Abstract PDF
    Isolation, Identification and Anti-Bacteria Function of Microorganisms From Koumiss
    He Yinfeng, Li Shaoying, Mu Zhishen, Wang Liyun, Shuang Jie, Wu Jing, Zhao Meixia
    2002, 18(2): 91-95.
    Abstract PDF
    Extraction of Vegetal Polysaccharose and Its Effect on Bifidobacterium Multiplication
    Qiu Hongduan, Lin Juan, Song Zhijing, Shi Lirong
    2002, 18(2): 96-100.
    Abstract PDF
    Rheological Property of Mayonnaise Processed by High Pressure
    Zhao Hongxia, Zhang Shouqin, Wu Hua, Ma Chenglin, Lü Chaohui, Liu Zhixia
    2002, 18(2): 101-105.
    Abstract PDF
    Preconcentration of α-Vitamin E Using Urea Inclusion Method
    Fan Mingtao, Wu Shouyi, Ma Haile
    2002, 18(2): 106-109.
    Abstract PDF
    Influence of Microwave on Extraction, Structure and Catechin Composition of Tea-Polyphenol
    Wang Xingping, Zhou Zhi, Mo Kaijü, Zhang Jianian
    2002, 18(2): 110-114.
    Abstract PDF
    Research on Litchi Package and Light Stability of Litchi Pericarp Anthocyanidin Glucoside
    Song Guangquan, Wang Wenlong
    2002, 18(2): 115-117.
    Abstract PDF
    Effect of Fermentation by Lactobacillus on Nutrition and Physiochemical Property of Super-Microsmashing Hog-Bone Powder
    Tang Yong, Li Hongjun, Sui Daohui
    2002, 18(2): 118-122.
    Abstract PDF
    Test Study on Extruded Beer Adjunct for Brewing Beer
    Shen Dechao
    2002, 18(2): 123-126.
    Abstract PDF
    Effects of Lipoxygenase on Ripening and Softening of Jujube Fruit
    Kou Xiaohong, Yan Shijie, Wu Cai′e, Wang Rufu, Liang Liya, Guo Chunrong, Li Chen, Zhang Ailing
    2002, 18(2): 127-130.
    Abstract PDF
    Principal Composition Analysis of Sensory and Physiochemical Quality of Fermented Bean Curd
    Yang Jian, Tong Huarong, Jia Lirong
    2002, 18(2): 131-135.
    Abstract PDF
    Monitoring Freeze Injury to Winter Wheat Using Remote Sensing
    Yang Bangjie, Wang Maoxin, Pei Zhiyuan
    2002, 18(2): 136-140.
    Abstract PDF
    Computer Vision Classification of Fruit Based on Fractal Color
    Feng Bin, Wang Maohua
    2002, 18(2): 141-144.
    Abstract PDF
    Design and Implementation of Intelligent Decision Support System for Precision Agriculture
    Chen Liping, Zhao Chunjiang, Liu Xuexin, Du Xiaohong
    2002, 18(2): 145-148.
    Abstract PDF
    Strategy of Adaptive Precision Agriculture Unit Based on the Analysis of Multidimensional Spatial Variability
    Yang Minhua, Chen Liping, Meng Zhijun, Wang Xiu, Zhao Chunjiang
    2002, 18(2): 149-152.
    Abstract PDF
    Development of GIS System and Its Application to Variable Rate Fertilization in Precision Agriculture
    Zhang Shuhui, Ma Chenglin, Yu Chunling
    2002, 18(2): 153-155.
    Abstract PDF
    Method of Making Field Grids by MapBasic in Precision Agriculture
    Wu Caicong, Zhang Shuhui, Ma Chenglin, Yang Yinsheng, Han Yunxia
    2002, 18(2): 156-159.
    Abstract PDF
    Application of High-Spatial IKNOS Remote Sensing Images in Land Use Classification and Change Monitoring
    Sun Danfeng, Yang Jihong, Liu Sunxi
    2002, 18(2): 160-164.
    Abstract PDF
    Structural Modeling of Sustainable Land Use System in Agricultural Developing Zone
    Dongye Guangliang, Zhao Wenwu, Zhang Yinhui, Liu Hongyi
    2002, 18(2): 165-170.
    Abstract PDF
    Application of Computer Vision Technique to Automatic Production in Agriculture
    He Dongjian, Zhang Hailiang, Ning Jifeng, Long Mansheng
    2002, 18(2): 171-175.
    Abstract PDF
    Huang Xingfa, Li Guangyong
    2002, 18(2): 176-181.
    Abstract PDF
    Review on Super Absorbent Polymers Application in Agriculture and Its Effects
    Li Yunkai, Yang Peiling, Liu Honglu
    2002, 18(2): 182-187.
    Abstract PDF
    Progress of the Research and Development of Roto-Jet Pump
    Xu Hongyuan, Wang Xiaodong, Zhu Weihua, Zhao Xiaobing
    2002, 18(2): 188-190.
    Abstract PDF
    On Postharvest Processing of Agro-Products and Food Processing
    Hou Caiyun
    2002, 18(2): 191-193.
    Abstract PDF

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