Temporal and spatial characteristics of reference evapotranspiration in China
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    Abstract PDF
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    Abstract PDF
    Approach to estimating the agricultural mechanization contribution rate by two models in the DEA method
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    Abstract PDF
    Numerical simulation and experimental verification of temperature variation during controlled atomosphere cold storage of fruits and vegetables
    Ji Amin
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    Abstract PDF
    Selection of the wavelengths of peak values in analyzing leaf water status by using leaf reflectance, transmittance and absorptance in corn plants
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    Abstract PDF
    Phreatic evaporation characteristics and calculation methods with the shallow water table in the saline soil region
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    Abstract PDF
    Simulative experiment of clogging performance of the drip irrigation tape with three-stage path
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    2006, 22(5): 36-39.
    Abstract PDF
    Application of water stress coefficient from FAO56 to the field water balance analysis
    Hu Qingfang, Shang Songhao, Tian Junwu, Meng Baoquan
    2006, 22(5): 40-43.
    Abstract PDF
    Evapotranspiration of Medicago sativa L. under poplar shelterbelts in Maowusu Sandy Area
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    Abstract PDF
    Estimation of soil erosion and its spatial analysis in Maotiaohe watershed, Guizhou Province
    Xu Yueqing, Cai Yunlong
    2006, 22(5): 50-54.
    Abstract PDF
    Erosion and nutrient cycling in the Vetiveria zizanioides hedgerow intercropping system with fertilization or mulching measures in humid slopeland
    Bu Chongfeng, Cai Qiangguo, Yuan Zaijian
    2006, 22(5): 55-60.
    Abstract PDF
    Effects of mixed grass strip on reducing water and soil losses in sloping fields
    Zi Shuhui, Duan Qingsong, Wu Bozhi
    2006, 22(5): 61-65.
    Abstract PDF
    Effects of minimum tillage and no-tillage systems on photosynthetic characteristics at late growth stages of winter wheat
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    Abstract PDF
    Effect of crop residue cover on soil temperature in cold and dry farming areas
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    Abstract PDF
    Experimental study on the distribution characteristics of the saltation particle of aeolian sediment in bare tillage
    Li Xiaoli, Shen Xiangdong
    2006, 22(5): 74-77.
    Abstract PDF
    Structure optimization of the reclaimed land use in the hill mining area of Eastern China
    Hu Zhenqi, Zhao Shuqin
    2006, 22(5): 78-81.
    Abstract PDF
    Performance characteristics of fluidic sprinkler controlled by clearance and comparison with impact sprinkler
    Li Hong, Yuan Shouqi, Xie Fuqi, Ren Zhiyuan, Zhu Xingye
    2006, 22(5): 82-85.
    Abstract PDF
    Driven gap disc cutting mechanism for treating corn stalk and rootstalk
    Ma Hongliang, Gao Huanwen, Wei Shuyan
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    Abstract PDF
    Analysis of non-stationary thermal field of rotor of permanent magnet retarder
    Zhao Wanzhong, He Ren, Liu Chengye
    2006, 22(5): 90-94.
    Abstract PDF
    Intelligent continuous humidity generator with saturated aqueous salt solutions
    Qiao Xiaojun, Zhang Yunhui, Du Xiaohong, Jiao Chunyan
    2006, 22(5): 95-98.
    Abstract PDF
    Design of land cover classification system for China and its application research based on MODIS data
    Liu Yonghong, Niu Zheng, Xu Yongming, Wang Changyao, Li Guicai
    2006, 22(5): 99-104.
    Abstract PDF
    Paddy rice area estimation using a stratified sampling method with remote sensing in China
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    Abstract PDF
    Regional yield estimation for winter wheat based on net primary production model
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    Abstract PDF
    Research and application of grassland yield estimation system based on 3S technology
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    2006, 22(5): 118-121.
    Abstract PDF
    Apple image segmentation based on the minimum error Bayes decision
    Bao Xiaomin, Wang Yaming
    2006, 22(5): 122-124.
    Abstract PDF
    WebGIS-based system for agricultural spatial information management and aided decision-making
    Liu Xiaojun, Zhu Yan, Yao Xia, Tian Yongchao, Cao Weixing
    2006, 22(5): 125-129.
    Abstract PDF
    Experimental study on the liquefaction of corn stalk in sub- and supercritical ethanol-water
    Liu Xiaobi, Qu Jingxu, Li Dong, Mao Zhihuai
    2006, 22(5): 130-134.
    Abstract PDF
    Process and technology for treating domestic and industrial composite wastewater in small town for meeting the discharging standard
    Shen Dongsheng, Liu Xinwen, Long Yan
    2006, 22(5): 135-139.
    Abstract PDF
    Evaluation of application of several net radiation calculation methods in Huanghuaihai Plain
    Ren Hongrui, Luo Yi, Xie Xianqun
    2006, 22(5): 140-146.
    Abstract PDF
    Effects of mycorhiza on ecological restoration of solid wastes from coal mine and their nutritional dynamics
    Bi Yinli, Wu Fuyong
    2006, 22(5): 147-152.
    Abstract PDF
    Adsorption and desorption characteristics of macroporous resins to purple sweet potato pigments
    Zhu Hongmei, Han Yongbin, Gu Zhenxin, Fan Gongjian
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    Abstract PDF
    Degradation kinetics of ascorbic acid in kiwi fruit juice
    Gao Yuanjun, Hao Lihua, Zhang Xin, Nan Haijuan, Hao Yaqin
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    Abstract PDF
    Technology for micro-encapsulation of Lactobacillus acidophilus using vacuum spray drying
    Sun Junliang, Zhao Ruixiang, Wang Dahong, Niu Shengyang
    2006, 22(5): 161-164.
    Abstract PDF
    Experimental study on Pteridium Aquilinum vacuum drying
    Che Gang, Li Chenghua, Wang Chun
    2006, 22(5): 165-168.
    Abstract PDF
    Preparation of rice protein by two-step method of alkaline extraction and enzymatic hydrolysis
    Chen Jiwang, Sun Qingjie, Xia Wenshui, Shujing, Li Li
    2006, 22(5): 169-172.
    Abstract PDF
    Optimization of the technology for extracting β-ecdysone from tussore(larva)
    Ruan Meijuan, Shi Yanbin
    2006, 22(5): 173-175.
    Abstract PDF
    Water-sorption isotherms for corn starch and their model developments
    Peng Guilan, Chen Xiaoguang, Wu Wenfu, Jiang Xiujuan
    2006, 22(5): 176-179.
    Abstract PDF
    Effect of moisture conditioning treatment on milling characteristic of brown rice
    Jia Fuguo, Deng Hualing, Zheng Xianzhe, Bai Shigang, Wang Fulin
    2006, 22(5): 180-183.
    Abstract PDF
    Research advances in slow/controlled-release water-storing fertilizers
    He Xusheng, Liao Zongwen, Huang Peizhao, Duan Jixian, Ge Renshan, Li Hongbo, Zhao Jianhua
    2006, 22(5): 184-190.
    Abstract PDF
    Estimation of evapotranspiration and crop coefficients of winter wheat and summer maize in Yangling Zone
    Chen Feng, Cai Huanjie, Wang Jian, Ma Haiting
    2006, 22(5): 191-193.
    Abstract PDF
    Theoretical model of the crop water stress index for monitoring summer maize water stress based on canopy surface temperature
    Wang Weixing, Song Shuran, Xu Lixia, Yuan Guofu, Cui Xiao
    2006, 22(5): 194-196.
    Abstract PDF
    Effects of water and fertilizer coupling on root morphological characteristics and activities of rice
    Zhang Fengxiang, Zhou Mingyao, Zhou Chunlin, Qian Xiaoqing
    2006, 22(5): 197-200.
    Abstract PDF
    Effects of regulated deficit irrigation on water use efficiency and quality of alfalfa
    Dong Guofeng, Cheng Ziyong, Zhang Zihe, Wang Xiaojun, Liu Xingrong, Zhang Rui
    2006, 22(5): 201-203.
    Abstract PDF
    Laboratory experimental study on effects of fertilizer solution concentration on transport characteristics of NO-3-N under single film hole infiltration
    Dong Yuyun, Fei Liangjun, Mu Hongwen
    2006, 22(5): 204-206.
    Abstract PDF
    Synchronous control system of automatic glass windows for the special-shaped conservatory
    Cong Yanying, Gu Junjian, Li Baoming
    2006, 22(5): 207-210.
    Abstract PDF
    Preliminary experiments on drying waste plant and sewage sludge by plastic shed and sunlight
    Qiu Jinrong, Wu Qitang, Wei Zebin, Wang Yanhong
    2006, 22(5): 211-214.
    Abstract PDF
    Effects of different mechanical processes on the quality of whole-plant corn silage
    Wu Xiaojie, Han Lujia, Liu Xian
    2006, 22(5): 215-217.
    Abstract PDF
    Analyzing and modeling land use pattern changes in rapid urbanization of area: a case study of Guangzhou City, China
    Yang Guoqing, Wu Zhifeng, Zhu Guorui
    2006, 22(5): 218-221.
    Abstract PDF
    Improvement of projection pursuit model and its application in integrated evaluation of eco-agricultural construction
    Zhao Xiaoyong, Fu Qiang, Xing Zhenxiang, He Yanguo
    2006, 22(5): 222-225.
    Abstract PDF
    Technology for improvement of extraction rate of protein from defatted corn germ
    Zhang Mingdi, Yao Huiyuan
    2006, 22(5): 226-228.
    Abstract PDF
    Influence of moisture movement on the muscular tissue during vacuum cooling of cooked meat
    Jin Tingxiang, Li Gailian, Xu Lie
    2006, 22(5): 229-232.
    Abstract PDF

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