Performance of low-discharge emitters buried in soil as affected by layered-textural soils
    Li Jiusheng, Yang Fengyan, Liu Yuchun, Li Yanfeng
    2009, 25(4): 1-6.
    Abstract PDF
    Calculation of flow deviation rate of drip irrigation system taking three deviation rates into account on uniform slopes
    Zhang Lin, Fan Xingke, Wu Pute, Niu Wenquan, Yu Liming
    2009, 25(4): 7-14.
    Abstract PDF
    Direct calculation of critical depth of horseshoe section tunnel
    Zhang Kuandi, Lü Hongxing, Chen Junying
    2009, 25(4): 15-18.
    Abstract PDF
    Improvement of stomatal conductance models of rice under water saving irrigation treatment
    Peng Shizhang, Pang Guibin, Xu Junzeng, Zhang Zhengliang
    2009, 25(4): 19-23.
    Abstract PDF
    Simulation and verification of soil moisture of root distribution functions for alfalfa
    Qi Libin, Fan Jun, Shao MIng′an, Wang Wanzhong
    2009, 25(4): 24-29.
    Abstract PDF
    Influence of soil textures on transportation of water and nitrogen under single film hole infiltration of fertilizer solution
    Dong Yuyun, Fei Liangjun, Ren Jianmin
    2009, 25(4): 30-34.
    Abstract PDF
    Analysis of the cause for sediment deposition of high-silt conveyance channel in irrigation areas
    Liu Huanfang, Zong Quanli, Liu Zhenji, Li Qiang
    2009, 25(4): 35-40.
    Abstract PDF
    Effect of alternative irrigation and fertilization on soil ammonia volatilization of summer maize
    Lei Yangli, Wang Linquan, Xue Liang, Li Zhijun, Shang Haobo
    2009, 25(4): 41-46.
    Abstract PDF
    Effects of different tillage practices on CO2 emission fluxes from farmland in North China Plain and the analysis of soil temperature and moisture
    Zhang Yu, Zhang Hailin, Chen Jikang, Wu Fenlin, Chen Fu
    2009, 25(4): 47-53.
    Abstract PDF
    Soil water condition under different measures of soil and water conservation in loess hilly and gully region
    Zhang Beiying, Xu Xuexuan, Liu Wenzhao
    2009, 25(4): 54-58.
    Abstract PDF
    Catchment effect of ridging and mulching in maize field in soil wind erosion area of Loess Plateau
    Li Yongping, Yang Gaihe, Feng Yongzhong, Kang Jianhong, Wu Hongliang
    2009, 25(4): 59-65.
    Abstract PDF
    Experimental analysis of water distribution characteristics of micro-sprinkling hose
    Zhang Xuejun, Wu Zhengwen, Ding Xiaoming, Li Xin
    2009, 25(4): 66-69.
    Abstract PDF
    Preliminary study on water-catching and controlled irrigation technology of rice
    Guo Xiangping, Yuan Jing, Guo Feng, Chen Zhiping
    2009, 25(4): 70-73.
    Abstract PDF
    Effect of rosin glysin ester as coating material on the slow release property of coated urea
    Shi Weisheng, Tang Hui, Wang Yaming
    2009, 25(4): 74-77.
    Abstract PDF
    Effects of super absorbent polymer on transpiration and fruit quality of apricot in soil with high gravel
    Li Xianyue, Yang Peiling, Ren Shumei, Zhang Shaoyan
    2009, 25(4): 78-81.
    Abstract PDF
    Comprehensive evaluation of tillage and straw returning on yearly productivity
    Liu Shiping, Chen Houqing, Chen Wenlin, Dai Qigen, Huo Zhongyang, Xu Ke, Zhang Hongcheng
    2009, 25(4): 82-85.
    Abstract PDF
    Performance analysis of dual mode hydro-mechanical transmission
    Du Jiuyu, Yuan Shihua, Wei Chao, Zou Yunfei
    2009, 25(4): 86-90.
    Abstract PDF
    Calculation of dynamic torque acted on external gear pump considering relief groove and trapped oil pressure
    Li Yulong, Liu Kun
    2009, 25(4): 91-95.
    Abstract PDF
    Mathematical models and model predictive control for crossflow grain drying
    Hu Zhichao, Wang Haiou, Xie Huanxiong, Wu Feng, Chen Youqing, Cao Shifeng
    2009, 25(4): 96-102.
    Abstract PDF
    Orthogonal test for the structure parameters of complete fluidic sprinkler
    Zhu Xingye, Yuan Shouqi, Li Hong
    2009, 25(4): 103-107.
    Abstract PDF
    Inverse kinematics solving and motion control for a weeding robotic arm
    Guo Weibin, Chen Yong, Hou Xuegui, Hu Na
    2009, 25(4): 108-112.
    Abstract PDF
    Sewage pump energy saving rebuilding based on supply and demand balance strategy
    Tang Yue, Xu Yanfei
    2009, 25(4): 113-117.
    Abstract PDF
    Design of electronic control device and control algorithm for rice transplanter
    Hu Lian, Luo Xiwen, Zhao Zuoxi, Zhang Zhigang, Hu Junwan, Chen Bin
    2009, 25(4): 118-122.
    Abstract PDF
    Experiment on the factors affecting the detrashing quality of the straight and bending sugarcane
    Yang Jian, Huang Lili, Yang Wang, Liang Zhaoxin, Mo Jianlin
    2009, 25(4): 123-129.
    Abstract PDF
    Design of blue algae removal machine and experimental research on blue algae removal efficiency
    Pei Yi, Huang Wei, Chen Feiyong, Wu Mingliang, Xu Bo, Shi Zuqiang
    2009, 25(4): 130-134.
    Abstract PDF
    Extracting winter wheat area using temporal sequence of Ts-EVI
    Yan Feng, Wang Yanjiao, Wu Jianjun, Li Chunqiang
    2009, 25(4): 135-140.
    Abstract PDF
    Algorithm for optimization of apple harvesting path and simulation
    Yuan Yanwe, Zhang Xiaochao, Hu Xiao’an
    2009, 25(4): 141-144.
    Abstract PDF
    Online monitoring system for chlorophyll fluorescence parameters using LED excitation
    Ji Jianwei, Xie Fei, Jeremy Harbinson
    2009, 25(4): 145-149.
    Abstract PDF
    Visual growth of flower and inflorescence of rapeseed(Brassica napus L.) based on parametric L-system
    Liao Guiping, Li Jinwei, Ou Zhongbin, Nie Min
    2009, 25(4): 150-156.
    Abstract PDF
    Assessment of agricultural basic drought based on projection pursuit
    Wang Bin, Zhang Zhanyu, Wei Yongxia, Zhang Guohua, Li Wencai
    2009, 25(4): 157-162.
    Abstract PDF
    Traceability system for tilapia breeding quality safety information based on Web
    Ren Xi, Fu Zetian, Mu Weisong, Zhang Xiaoshuan
    2009, 25(4): 163-167.
    Abstract PDF
    Nitrogen balance in agro-ecosystem in China from 1978 to 2005 based on DSS
    Liu Zhong, Li Baoguo, Fu Jing
    2009, 25(4): 168-175.
    Abstract PDF
    Design and test of nodes for farmland data acquisition based on wireless sensor network
    Cai Yihua, Liu Gang, Li Li, Liu Hui
    2009, 25(4): 176-178.
    Abstract PDF
    Supporting capacity of main crop straw for Chinese residents’ food security
    Cao Zhihong, Hao Jinmin, Liang Liutao
    2009, 25(4): 179-184.
    Abstract PDF
    Promotive effect of acid pretreatment of corn stalk using metal cations
    Jiang Xuan, Sun Junshe, Liu Li, Kang Liping
    2009, 25(4): 185-189.
    Abstract PDF
    Microwave assisted pyrolysis of corn stover pellets with catalysts for bio-oil production and its component
    Wan Yiqin, Liu Yuhuan, Lin Xiangyang, Yang Changyan, Zhang Bo, Paul Chen, Lei Hanwu, Roger Ruan
    2009, 25(4): 190-195.
    Abstract PDF
    Effect of ratios of manure to crop on dry anaerobic digestion for biogas production
    Liu Zhanguang, Zhu Hongguang, Wang Biao, Zhang Yalei
    2009, 25(4): 196-200.
    Abstract PDF
    Optimization of enzymatic hydrolysis of corn straw after biological-alkaline/oxidative pretreatment
    Yu Hongbo, Zhang Xiaoyu, Ke Jing, Ma Fuying
    2009, 25(4): 201-205.
    Abstract PDF
    Effect of thermal environment on incidence of breast blister in broilers
    Zhao Furong, Shi Zhengxiang, Geng Ailian, Li Baoming
    2009, 25(4): 206-209.
    Abstract PDF
    Effects of rhizosphere CO2 concentration on root growth and activity of netted muskmelon
    Li Tianlai, Chen Yadong, Liu Yiling, Qin Xing
    2009, 25(4): 210-215.
    Abstract PDF
    Estimation of realistic potential of land consolidation in rural residential areas
    Chen Rongqing, Zhang Fengrong, Meng Yuan, Guo Lina
    2009, 25(4): 216-221.
    Abstract PDF
    Redefinition of land-use patterns at local level based on evaluation of ecological service value
    Wang Cheng, Zhao Wanmin, Tan ShaoHua
    2009, 25(4): 222-229.
    Abstract PDF
    Effect of household behaviors on cultivated land quality in hilly areas of Sichuan basin, China
    Zhang Zhen, Wei Chaofu, Li Ping, Ni Jiupai
    2009, 25(4): 230-236.
    Abstract PDF
    Drying Monukka grapes with air-impingement jet technique and quality analysis
    Yang Wenxia, Gao Zhenjiang, Tan Hongmei, Yang Yang, Chen Zeng, Xiao Hongwei
    2009, 25(4): 237-242.
    Abstract PDF
    Nondestructive determination of the quality of Red Bartlett pear during shelf life by electrical characteristics
    Wang Ruiqing, Zhang Jishu, Ma Shu Shang
    2009, 25(4): 243-247.
    Abstract PDF
    Numerical simulation of freezing time of shelled shrimps in an air blast freezer and experimental verification
    Li Jie, Xie Jing
    2009, 25(4): 248-252.
    Abstract PDF
    Separation performance of xylo-oligosaccharides from wheat straw using nanofiltration membrance and technology for diafiltration
    Zhao Hefei, Yang Ruijin, Zhao Wei, Lu Rongrong, Zhang Wenbin
    2009, 25(4): 253-259.
    Abstract PDF
    Effects of dense phase carbon dioxide on sterilization and physical-chemical properties of bovine colostrum
    Liao Hongmei, Zhou Linyan, Liao Xiaojun, Zhang Yan, Hu Xiaosong
    2009, 25(4): 260-264.
    Abstract PDF
    Effects of high-humidity refrigerator on quality of fresh Tai-tsai and celery
    Guan Wenqiang, Tao Xiaoyan, Zhang Na, Li Lixiu, Xiao Jianjun
    2009, 25(4): 265-269.
    Abstract PDF
    Applicability of visible-near infrared spectroscopy models for determining soluble solid and total acid contents in ‘Nanguo’ pears during storage period
    Li Donghua, Ji Shujuan, Shigefuji Kazuaki
    2009, 25(4): 270-275.
    Abstract PDF
    Enzymatic browning of lotus roots and its control during storage
    Wang Xiangyang, Jiang Lijia, Wang Zhongying
    2009, 25(4): 276-280.
    Abstract PDF
    Application of different protectants and drying methods for porcine serum immunoglobulin G
    Luo Lei, Zhu Wenxue, Zhang Shaohua
    2009, 25(4): 281-285.
    Abstract PDF
    Relationship between properties of sweet potato starch and qualities of sweet potato starch noodles
    Tan Hongzhuo, Tan Bin, Liu MIng, Tian Xiaohong, Gu Wenying
    2009, 25(4): 286-292.
    Abstract PDF
    Degradative characteristics by microorganisms of mechanical activated maize starch
    Chen Yuan, Huang Zuqiang, Xie Zufang, Zhu Wanren, Pang Xuehua
    2009, 25(4): 293-298.
    Abstract PDF
    Effect of hot water treatment on quality of wampee fruit during storage
    Zhang Fuping, Lin Xiaoping
    2009, 25(4): 299-303.
    Abstract PDF
    Effects of preparation methods on functional properties of peanut protein
    Wu Haiwen, Wang Qiang, Ma Tiezheng
    2009, 25(4): 304-308.
    Abstract PDF
    Technical process for producing the biomass boards using sea alga Ulva pertusa kjellman species
    Sun Hao, Wang Wanzhang, Wang Xiulun
    2009, 25(4): 309-312.
    Abstract PDF
    News media propaganda help for brand construction of sci-tech periodicals—— Experience of TCSAE taking part in the meeting for sci-techperiodicals exchanging information with news media
    Wei Xiuju, Wang Liu
    2009, 25(4): 313-316.
    Abstract PDF

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