Variations of stomatal conductance of rice under contolled irrigation
    Peng Shizhang, Xu Junzeng, Ding Jiali
    2005, 21(3): 1-5.
    Abstract PDF
    Analysis of vertical variation characteristic of soil moisture in yellow soil sloping field
    Jiang Taiming, Liu Hailong, Liu Hongbin, Xiao Houjun, Xia Jinhui
    2005, 21(3): 6-11.
    Abstract PDF
    Modeling of hydraulic characteristics through labyrinth emitter in drip irrigation using computational fluid dynamics
    Li Yongxin, Li Guangyong, Qiu Xiangyu, Wang Jiandong
    2005, 21(3): 12-16.
    Abstract PDF
    Experimental study on influence of adjustable micro-sprinkler outlet flow channel type on sprinkling performance
    Chai Chunling, Yang Luhua, Tuo Yunfei, Tan Haibin, Zhang Xianhu
    2005, 21(3): 17-20.
    Abstract PDF
    Numerical simulation of the effect of channel section shape on the inner flowing of vortex pump
    Shi Weidong, Dong Ying, Ma Xinhua, Sha Yi, Kong Fanyu
    2005, 21(3): 21-23.
    Abstract PDF
    Kinetics of the extraction of black leaf tea
    Song Hongbo, Mao Zhihuai
    2005, 21(3): 24-28.
    Abstract PDF
    Experimental study on mechanical properties of peach seedling
    Li Ming, Tang Chuzhou, Xie Fangping, Wu Mingliang, Sun Songlin
    2005, 21(3): 29-33.
    Abstract PDF
    Environmental assessment indicator system of agroforestry systems and its application in Weibei Upland of the Loess Plateau
    Wang Limei, Shao Ming′an, Zheng Jiyong, Wang Zhonglin
    2005, 21(3): 34-37.
    Abstract PDF
    Distribution of rice kernel moisture content at harvest
    Yang Zhou, Luo Xiwen, Li Changyou
    2005, 21(3): 38-41.
    Abstract PDF
    Field experimental studies on the effects of water quality and drip rate on soil salt distribution in drip irrigation under film
    Ma Donghao, Wang Quanjiu, Lai Jianbin
    2005, 21(3): 42-46.
    Abstract PDF
    Effects of slow-release compound fertilizer and mulched dry-farming on nitrogen use efficiency and quality of rice
    Su Shengqi, Wang Zhengyin, Dong Yan, Ye Xuejian
    2005, 21(3): 47-50.
    Abstract PDF
    Spatial distribution of nitrate in soil as affected by uniformity of sprinkler fertigation
    Li Jiusheng, Rao Minjie, Li Bei
    2005, 21(3): 51-55.
    Abstract PDF
    Numerical simulation and validation of soil water movement under subsurface drip irrigation with point-source emitter
    Chi Baoliang, Huang Xuefang, Zhang Dongmei, Li Baoguo
    2005, 21(3): 56-59.
    Abstract PDF
    Analytical study on current drainage condition in the Yinnan Irrigation District in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region of China
    Jia Zhonghua, Luo Wan, Fang Shuxing, Wang Nanjiang, Liu Jiangang
    2005, 21(3): 60-65.
    Abstract PDF
    Comprehensive evaluation of agricultural water use efficiency based on genetic projection pursuit model
    Feng Zhiming, Zheng Haixia, Liu Baoqin
    2005, 21(3): 66-70.
    Abstract PDF
    Determination of scope of water resources demonstration of construction projects for underground water-intaking in plains by water balance method
    Fan Xiangyang, Qi Xuebin
    2005, 21(3): 71-74.
    Abstract PDF
    Influence of rainfall factors on preferential flow in the granite region of the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River
    He Fan, Zhang Hongjiang, Shi Yuhu, Cheng Jinhua, Qi Shenglin, Pan Lei
    2005, 21(3): 75-78.
    Abstract PDF
    Impact of farmland consolidation on farmland landscape: a case study in Tongxiang county
    Deng Jinsong, Wang Ke, Shen Zhangquan, Luo Peng
    2005, 21(3): 79-82.
    Abstract PDF
    Livelihood succession and land use/cover change in the Upper Reaches of Dadu River watershed
    Yan Jianzhong, Zhang Yili, Bai Wanqi, Zhu Huiyi, Bao Weikai, Liu Yanhua
    2005, 21(3): 83-89.
    Abstract PDF
    Evaluation of sustainable land use of Tai′an city in Shandong Province
    Li Xinju, Zhao Gengxing, Liu Ning, Yu Kaiqin
    2005, 21(3): 90-93.
    Abstract PDF
    Experimental study on dainty and finished product rate of submerged plant feedstuff based on different technology parameters of beater pulverizer
    Ma Qingyan, Shang Shiyou, Yue Haijun, Wu Libin
    2005, 21(3): 94-98.
    Abstract PDF
    Power analysis of hydro-mechanical differential turning mechanism of Dongfanghong1302R tractor
    Cao Fuyi, Wang Jun, Zhou Zhili, Jia Hongshe
    2005, 21(3): 99-102.
    Abstract PDF
    2BF-6 type no-tillage combine seeder for rape in stubbly field
    Wu Mingliang, Guan Chunyun, Tang Chuzhou, Xie Fangping, Yang Wenmin, Zhao Jinhui
    2005, 21(3): 103-106.
    Abstract PDF
    Turning stability of the paddy field boat during cultivation operation
    Quan Lazhen, Ren Shuguang, Xin Jihong, Yang Wenmin, Wu Mingliang
    2005, 21(3): 107-110.
    Abstract PDF
    Weigh-in-motion technology for vehicles using rubber oil pipe
    Luo Yan, Xie Xingxing, Su Qingzu, Zhang Xiuqin
    2005, 21(3): 111-114.
    Abstract PDF
    Modal analysis and experiment research of the vibration transportation mechanism of ordered rice seedling thrower
    Li Jianping, Zhao Yun, Zang Shaofeng, Li Jianmin
    2005, 21(3): 115-117.
    Abstract PDF
    No-tillage seeding technique for wheat under the bestrow of the whole corn stalk
    Hu Chunsheng, Chen Suying, Zhao Sishen, Zhang Xiqun
    2005, 21(3): 118-120.
    Abstract PDF
    Spatial simulation and prediction of land use and land cover using adaptive stochastic rules and landscape pattern characteristics
    Sun Danfeng, Li Hong, Zhang Fengrong
    2005, 21(3): 121-125.
    Abstract PDF
    Acoustic sensitivity analysis of a tractor cab model
    Zuo Yanyan, Fang Yuying
    2005, 21(3): 126-129.
    Abstract PDF
    Non-destructive apple bruise detection with Raman spectroscopy and its virtual instrumentation
    Gao Xiaoyang, Paul Heinemann, Joseph Irudayaraj
    2005, 21(3): 130-133.
    Abstract PDF
    Fuzzy control of Chinese wolfberry oven temperature based on digital signal processing technology
    Zhang Zengnian, Yao Lixin
    2005, 21(3): 134-137.
    Abstract PDF
    Treatment efficiency of different nitrogen-rich wastewater using Lolium perenne L. cultured by nutrient film technique
    Pan Jinming, Yang Xianglong
    2005, 21(3): 138-142.
    Abstract PDF
    Ambient air quality indexes and standards for vegetable growing in greenhouses
    Gao Huaiyou, Zhao Yujie, Shi Rongguang, Fu Xueqi, Liu Fengzhi
    2005, 21(3): 143-147.
    Abstract PDF
    Adaptability analysis of sunlight-greenhouse in Xinjiang Region using AMMI model
    Wang Dongliang, Chen Yougen, Lü Guohua, Zhu Shunqiu, Yang Meihua, Dai Zhixin, Deng Xinyi
    2005, 21(3): 148-152.
    Abstract PDF
    Greenhouse value engineering assessment
    Yu Hongjun, Liu Ruichun
    2005, 21(3): 153-157.
    Abstract PDF
    Energy-saving control strategy for greenhouse production based on crop temperature integration
    Chen Qing, Sun Zhongfu
    2005, 21(3): 158-161.
    Abstract PDF
    Non-destructive determination of sugar contents of apples using near infrared diffuse reflectance
    Zhao Jiewen, Zhang Haidong, Liu Muhua
    2005, 21(3): 162-165.
    Abstract PDF
    Comparison of texture properties of post-harvested apples using texture profile analysis
    Pan Xiujuan, Tu Kang
    2005, 21(3): 166-170.
    Abstract PDF
    Determination of hydration rate for micro-konjac flour by rapid visco analyzer
    Wu Yinglong, He Guoqing, Yang Xingmin, Wei Mingying
    2005, 21(3): 171-175.
    Abstract PDF
    Effects of disrupting conditions on extracting astaxanthin from Phaffia rhodozyma by acid method
    Ni Hui, He Guoqing, Wu Guangbin, Yang Yuanfan, Chen Shenru, Cai Huinong
    2005, 21(3): 176-180.
    Abstract PDF
    Sterilization effect of pulsed magnetic field and its influence on milk nutrient components
    Gao Mengxiang, Ma Haile, Guo Kangquan
    2005, 21(3): 181-184.
    Abstract PDF
    Technology for breaking walnut shell based on finite element analysis
    Shi Jianxin, Zhao Haijun, Xin Dongjun
    2005, 21(3): 185-188.
    Abstract PDF
    Variations of the humidity in the process of solid-state fermentation of corn stalk for ethanol
    Su Donghai, Shi Jian, Liu Ping, Sun Junshe
    2005, 21(3): 189-191.
    Abstract PDF

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