Estimating normalized root length density distribution of winter wheat using measured soil water content profiles
    Zuo Qiang, Meng Lei, Wang Dong
    2004, 20(4): 1-6.
    Abstract PDF
    Simulation study on dynamic rill erosion processes: mathematical models and FEM formulation
    Lei Tingwu, Yao Chunmei, Zhang Qingwen, Shao Ming′an, Mei Shuli
    2004, 20(4): 7-12.
    Abstract PDF
    Prediction of daily reference evapotranspiration using adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system
    Cai Jiabing, Liu Yu, Lei Tingwu, Xu Di
    2004, 20(4): 13-16.
    Abstract PDF
    Improved algorithm of non-rigid object tracking
    Li Liqin, Gao Huanwen
    2004, 20(4): 17-20.
    Abstract PDF
    Research and experiment of effect of the gradient wind on the droplet penetration
    Zhao Dong, Zhang Xiaohui, Cai Dongmei, Guo Qingnan
    2004, 20(4): 21-25.
    Abstract PDF
    Biologically inspired discrete sliding mode variable structure system for liquid level control
    Gao Guoqin, Zhang Jixian, Huang Weizhong
    2004, 20(4): 26-29.
    Abstract PDF
    Spatial structure of the height and diameter of sunflower stem
    Li Weiping, Shi Haibin, Huo Zailin, Qiao Dongmei, Tong Changfu, Li Yanlin, Zhang Yiqiang
    2004, 20(4): 30-33.
    Abstract PDF
    Effect of irrigation on water use efficiency of winter wheat
    Fang Quanxiao, Chen Yuhai, Li Quanqi, Yu Shunzhang, Luo Yi, Yu Qiang, Ouyang Zhu
    2004, 20(4): 34-39.
    Abstract PDF
    Effect of fertilization under different land preparation methods on corn yield, water and nitrogen use efficiency
    Zhao Yunge, Shao Ming′an
    2004, 20(4): 40-44.
    Abstract PDF
    Assessment of the influence of soil nitrogen supplies and variable fertilization on winter wheat growth condition using airborne hyperspectral image
    Song Xiaoyu, Wang Jihua, Xue Xuzhang, Liu Liangyun, Cheng Liping, Zhao Chunjiang
    2004, 20(4): 45-49.
    Abstract PDF
    Agricultural water consumption and suitable paddy rice plant areas of the Three-River-Plain
    Wang Shaohua, Liu Wenchao, Liu Qunchang
    2004, 20(4): 50-53.
    Abstract PDF
    Effect of applying PP333 to cotton roots with drip irrigation under film-mulching and new chemical control technology
    Mu Zixin, Ma Fuyu, Zheng Zhong, Liang Zongsuo
    2004, 20(4): 54-57.
    Abstract PDF
    Research on the water use efficiency and optimal irrigation schedule of the winter wheat
    Liu Zengjin, Li Baoping, Li Yuanhua, Cui Yuanlai
    2004, 20(4): 58-63.
    Abstract PDF
    Zoning of water-saving irrigation in China using principal components analysis and fuzzy-C-means
    Wu Jingshe, Kang Shaozhong, Wang Jinglei, Huang Xiuqiao, Song Yifu
    2004, 20(4): 64-68.
    Abstract PDF
    Method of disposition on water resources of irrigation district and its applications
    Zhao Dan, Shao Dongguo, Liu Bingjun
    2004, 20(4): 69-73.
    Abstract PDF
    Sampling method for soil moisture monitoring
    Sun Kai, Wang Yiming, Yang Shaohui
    2004, 20(4): 74-78.
    Abstract PDF
    Development of LPG engine based on the single-cylinder direct injection diesel engine and investigation of its combustion process
    Liu Shengji, Wang Jian, Yin Bifeng
    2004, 20(4): 79-83.
    Abstract PDF
    Field vehicle position monitoring system based on GPS and GIS
    Yang Qing, Zhang Zheng, Pang Shujie, Cao Honglong
    2004, 20(4): 84-87.
    Abstract PDF
    Investigation of the characteristics of pneumatic flexible-bending joint and its neural PID controlling algorithm
    Yang Qinghua, Zhang Libin, Bao Guanjun, Xu Fang, Shen Jianbin
    2004, 20(4): 88-91.
    Abstract PDF
    Experimental research on guiding fuel injection to improve performance of single cylinder diesel engine
    Lu Guizhong, Wang Qingyuan, Yu Jiwen, Zhao Yuqing, Pan Hezhu
    2004, 20(4): 92-94.
    Abstract PDF
    Development and experiment of portable NDVI instrument for estimating growth condition of winter wheat
    Wang Xiu, Zhao Chunjiang, Zhou Hanchang, Liu Liangyun, Wang Jihua, Xue Xuzhang, Meng Zhijun
    2004, 20(4): 95-98.
    Abstract PDF
    Development of testing and controling system for gravitational seed selecting machine based on virtual instrument technology
    Li Guangti, Li Ruxin, Hou Cunliang, Chi Shuyun, Fan Guiju
    2004, 20(4): 99-103.
    Abstract PDF
    Profile modeling of spray parameters of chemical solution application to fruit tree
    Hong Tiansheng, Wang Gui′en, Chen Yubai, Yang Dantong, Zhang Jianling
    2004, 20(4): 104-107.
    Abstract PDF
    Research and development of automatic control device for rotary cylinder crop seed dryer
    Liu Lishan, Li Juan, Kuang Jun, Wang Zhiqiu, Yu Jiandong
    2004, 20(4): 108-111.
    Abstract PDF
    Spectral information based model for cotton identification on Landsat TM Image
    Cao Weibin, Yang Bangjie, Song Jinpeng
    2004, 20(4): 112-116.
    Abstract PDF
    Gray level transform model of ball image and its application in citrus image correction
    Fu Feng, Ying Yibin
    2004, 20(4): 117-120.
    Abstract PDF
    Rapid identification of moldy corn by electronic nose
    Zou Xiaobo, Zhao Jiewen
    2004, 20(4): 121-124.
    Abstract PDF
    Identification of coefficient of consolidation in cold pressing of rapeseed decorticated based on hopfeild neural networks
    Zheng Xiao, Li Zhi, Lin Guoxiang, Wang Shaomei
    2004, 20(4): 125-129.
    Abstract PDF
    Detection of cracked-shell eggs using acoustic signal and fuzzy recognition
    Wang Shucai, Ren Yilin, Chen Hong, Xiong Lirong, Wen Youxian
    2004, 20(4): 130-133.
    Abstract PDF
    Secure transmission scheme of important agricultural information on networks based on elliptic curve and information hiding
    Lin Piyuan, Yan Shangwei
    2004, 20(4): 134-137.
    Abstract PDF
    Framework for design and development of knowledge model system for crop management
    Zhu Yan, Cao Weixing, Tian Yongchao, Wang Qimeng
    2004, 20(4): 138-142.
    Abstract PDF
    Light modelling of wheat leaf colour identifying using computer vision
    Chen Guoqing, Jiang Dong, Zhu Yan, Cao Weixing, Chen Yuhai
    2004, 20(4): 143-145.
    Abstract PDF
    Automatic detection of yellow-colored rice using image recognition
    Shang Yanfen, Hou Caiyun, Chang Guohua
    2004, 20(4): 146-148.
    Abstract PDF
    New approaches to wheat cultivars extension assisted by crop simulation model
    Liu Zhanfeng, Zhang Jianping, Yu Bing
    2004, 20(4): 149-151.
    Abstract PDF
    Multi-dimension classification system of agricultural information
    Wang Jian, Gan Guohui
    2004, 20(4): 152-156.
    Abstract PDF
    Solution properties of ozone in water and its non-thermal sterilizing effect on Alicyclobacillus
    Qiu Nongxue, Chen Ying
    2004, 20(4): 157-159.
    Abstract PDF
    Microflora changes of chilled pork packaged in different modified atmosphere packages
    Ma Lizhen, Nan Qingxian, Dai Ruitong
    2004, 20(4): 160-164.
    Abstract PDF
    Purification of gardenia yellow pigment with macroporous resin
    Zhang Dequan, Lü Feijie, Tai Jianxiang, Fu Qin
    2004, 20(4): 165-167.
    Abstract PDF
    Optimum extracting technology of flavonoids in lotus leaves with ethanol
    Jiang Yihong
    2004, 20(4): 168-171.
    Abstract PDF
    Contents and apparent activation energies of chlorophyll and ascorbic acid of broccoli under controlled atmosphere storage
    Yang Hongshun, Feng Guoping, Li Yunfei
    2004, 20(4): 172-175.
    Abstract PDF
    Effects of blanching conditions on the colour and brittleness of frozen day-lily flower
    Tan Xinghe, Xia Yanbin, Liu Jianliang, Li Yingwu
    2004, 20(4): 176-179.
    Abstract PDF
    Combined experimental study on the effects of the operational parameters on energy consumption of sublimation-drying during vacuum freeze-drying
    Guo Yuming, Yao Zhihua, Cui Qingliang, Wen Haijun
    2004, 20(4): 180-184.
    Abstract PDF
    Experimental study on the optimized technological parameters for freeze-drying of aloe
    Gong Yuanjuan, Li Chenghua, Zhang Benhua, Zhao Qingsong
    2004, 20(4): 185-187.
    Abstract PDF
    Effect of gas composition on the quality of dehydrated vegetables
    Lu Zheng
    2004, 20(4): 188-191.
    Abstract PDF
    Experimental study on litchi microwave drying characteristics and its effects on the quality of litchi
    Chen Yan, Chen Yubai
    2004, 20(4): 192-194.
    Abstract PDF
    Optimization of steamed buckwheat drying technology
    Song Chunfang, Du Wenliang, Wang Shuguang
    2004, 20(4): 195-198.
    Abstract PDF
    Effect of high pressure treatment on peroxidase (POD) activity in pear juice
    Zeng Qingmei, Pan Jian, Xie Huiming, Yang Yi, Wang Haixiang
    2004, 20(4): 199-202.
    Abstract PDF
    Correlation between grain quality indicators and spectral reflectance properties of wheat canopies by using hyperspectral data from winter wheat
    Huang Wenjiang, Wang Jihua, Liu Liangyun, Zhao Chunjiang, Song Xiaoyu, Ma Zhihong
    2004, 20(4): 203-207.
    Abstract PDF
    Primary study on technological conditions for chitosanase-producing microorganism
    Li Hesheng, Qiu Dihong, Wu Hanmin, Wang Hongfei, Sun Yuxi
    2004, 20(4): 208-211.
    Abstract PDF
    Intermediate productive test study on extruded rice adjunct for brewing beer
    Shen Dechao, Hou Xujie, Li Hongjun, Xu Ying
    2004, 20(4): 212-215.
    Abstract PDF
    Preliminary study on extrusion processing of composite textured proteins
    Wang Hongwu, Lin Bingjian
    2004, 20(4): 216-219.
    Abstract PDF
    Experiment study on high electric field drying of carrot
    Ding Changjiang, Liang Yunzhang
    2004, 20(4): 220-222.
    Abstract PDF
    Evaluating resources utilization degree of protected agriculture in Quzhou County in Hebei Province
    Wang Xiufen, Bi Jiye, Hao Jinmin, Chen Baiming
    2004, 20(4): 223-226.
    Abstract PDF
    Application of proportional integral control with feedforward in hot water heating system in greenhouse
    Yu Chaogang, Ying Yibin, Wang Jianping
    2004, 20(4): 227-229.
    Abstract PDF
    Time for uncovering and covering heat preservation curtain for sunlight greenhouses
    Liu Yingying, Ding Weimin, Zhang Jianfeng
    2004, 20(4): 230-233.
    Abstract PDF
    Effect of controling root knot nematode (Meloidogyne incognita) of cucumber by soil solarization under black plastic film mulching
    Liu Xiaoying, Yang Xiu, Ma Chunsen
    2004, 20(4): 234-237.
    Abstract PDF
    Experimental study on the cooling effect of air-cooling fans in boar house
    Zhu Zhiping, Dong Hongmin, Tao Xiuping, Yan Hengpu
    2004, 20(4): 238-241.
    Abstract PDF
    Preliminary experimental research on the heat preservation property of covering material PETP film
    Cao Nan, Lin Cong, Wang Yuxin, Huang Zhidong, Wang Xiaoling, Wang Jinhua
    2004, 20(4): 242-245.
    Abstract PDF
    Effects of different additives on the quality of whole-plant corn and green corn stover silage
    Liu Xian, Han Lujia, Hara Shin-ichiro, Nanaka Kazuhisa
    2004, 20(4): 246-249.
    Abstract PDF
    Research progress of models for predicting ruminant methane emissions
    Fan Xia, Dong Hongmin, Han Lujia
    2004, 20(4): 250-254.
    Abstract PDF
    Screening out of Pb hypertolerant plant species
    Nie Junhua, Liu Xiumei, Wang Qingren
    2004, 20(4): 255-258.
    Abstract PDF
    1∶250000 soil and terrain spatial and attribute digital databases and its landform indexes system
    Bao Liang, Yu Zhenrong, Men Mingxin
    2004, 20(4): 259-263.
    Abstract PDF
    Analysis of reclamation feasibility in land reclamation planning
    Hu Zhenqi, Zhao Yanling, Zhao Shan, Xu Xuelin, Bate′er
    2004, 20(4): 264-267.
    Abstract PDF
    A kind of mixed media composed of fly ash and acid residue of furfural for land reclamation and its leaching requirement
    Zhang Leina, Feng Yongjun, Wang Zhaofeng
    2004, 20(4): 268-272.
    Abstract PDF
    Model of economic transportation distance for land consolidation project
    Liu Changshun, Wang Guoqiang
    2004, 20(4): 273-275.
    Abstract PDF
    Calculation and analysis of land consolidation potential in rural habitat during rapid urbanization process in China
    Li Xianwen, Zhang Junlian, Zheng Weiyuan, Tang Chengjie, Miao Ze, Liu Kang
    2004, 20(4): 276-279.
    Abstract PDF
    Current situation and counter-measures of the development of dryland farming in China
    Zhao Changxing, Shan Lun, Deng Xiping, Zhao Liying, Zhang Yu, Wang Zhoufeng
    2004, 20(4): 280-285.
    Abstract PDF
    Data fusion and its application prospect in agricultural condition monitoring using romote sensing
    Qian Yonglan, Yang Bangjie, Lei Tingwu
    2004, 20(4): 286-290.
    Abstract PDF
    Status of water use in agriculture and strategies on water-saving irrigation in Southwest China
    Chen Jian, Li Yunwu, Li Weiqing, Ma Yunfeng, Xia Guo′en
    2004, 20(4): 291-296.
    Abstract PDF
    Research advances of aquatic product drying technologies
    Zhang Guochen, Mao Zhihuai
    2004, 20(4): 297-300.
    Abstract PDF

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