Developing Situation on the Seed Engineering and Seed Industry at Home and Abroad
    Yuan Bai-rui
    1997, 13(3): 1-10.
    Abstract PDF
    Exploitation of Submersed Macrophytes Resources and Lake Protection
    Shang Shi-you, Du Jian-min, Zhang Zhi-yi, Li Xu-ying, Wu Pei
    1997, 13(3): 11-15.
    Abstract PDF
    The Situation and Development of Mechanization of Agriculture in Fujian Province
    Fang Wen-xi, Zhang Xing-xiong, Zhu Heng-yin
    1997, 13(3): 16-20.
    Abstract PDF
    A ProbabilityGrey Evaluation Method for Agriculture Mechanization Development Level and Its Application
    Li Bing-jun, Zhu Yong-da, Wan He-qun
    1997, 13(3): 21-26.
    Abstract PDF
    Experiment and Study on the Action Principle of Alternating Current in Electroosmosis on the Soil Bionic Nonsmooth Surface
    Yan Bei-zhan, Cong Qian, Ren Lu-quan, Li An-qi
    1997, 13(3): 27-31.
    Abstract PDF
    A Numerical Model for Coupling Movement of Water Heat and Salt in Soil Under the Conditions of Frozen,Unfrozen, Saturated and Unsaturated
    Huang Xing-fa, Zeng De-chao, Lian Guo-ping
    1997, 13(3): 32-36.
    Abstract PDF
    Field Test and Evaluation of Empirical Root Uptake Functions in Soil Water Movement Models
    Xu Di
    1997, 13(3): 37-42.
    Abstract PDF
    Study on Automatic Guiding of Agricultural Vehicle by Using Inner Sensors (Part 3) ——Position detecting system in agricultural environment
    Yu Hai-ye, Ma Cheng-lin, Namikawa Kiyoshi, Suguri Masahiko
    1997, 13(3): 43-47.
    Abstract PDF
    Study on StressRelaxation of Hay During Baling Under High Density
    Wang Chun-guang, Yang Ming-shao, Gao Huan-wen, Li Lin, Li Xu-yin
    1997, 13(3): 48-52.
    Abstract PDF
    Simulation and Analysis of Variation of Adhesive Factor on Rough Road Surface
    Zuo Shu-guang, Cheng Yue-sun, Liu De-zhang, Xu Ai-ming
    1997, 13(3): 53-56.
    Abstract PDF
    Experimental Study on the Tire Rolling Disability Under Running Condition
    Zhuang Ji-de, Wei Dong, Hong Tao, Qiu Xi-ding
    1997, 13(3): 57-60.
    Abstract PDF
    Research on the Controlling Temperature of Heary Container Pot by Fuzzy Control System
    Li Jun-ming, Yin Yong-guang, Wang Deng-feng, Zhen Lian-zhu
    1997, 13(3): 61-64.
    Abstract PDF
    Numerical Simulation on the Effect of Winter Irrigation on Soil Moisture Regime in Winter
    Shang Song-hao, Lei Zhi-dong, Yang Shi-xiu
    1997, 13(3): 65-70.
    Abstract PDF
    Study on the Model and Simulation of Border Irrigation and Its Application
    Liu Hong-lu, Yang Pei-ling, Zeng De-chao
    1997, 13(3): 71-75.
    Abstract PDF
    Study on Cultivation for Soil Moisture Conservation During Summer Fallow Period in Dry Land of West Parts of Henan Province
    Zhao Ju-bao, Zhong Zhao-zhan, Xue Jun-hong, Zhang Xian-chu, Liu Heng-yao, Wang Yan-shuo, Lü Jun-jie
    1997, 13(3): 76-79.
    Abstract PDF
    Soil Cover With Organic Mulch and Its Influences on Soil Physical Parameters (Ⅲ)——Soil Temperature Regime Under Organic Mulch
    Li Cheng-hua, Ma Cheng-lin
    1997, 13(3): 80-83.
    Abstract PDF
    OntheSpot Irrigation With Rainwater Collected From the Same Cultivated Field
    Zhang Guo-xiang, Wei Yong-ping, Feng Min-quan
    1997, 13(3): 84-88.
    Abstract PDF
    Experimental Research on Mechanism of Saving Water and Increasing Yield of Peanuts Using Irrigation on Plastic Film Cover
    Mu Li-jun, Chen Hai-jun, Pei Lian-hai
    1997, 13(3): 89-92.
    Abstract PDF
    Study and Improvement of a Small Irrigation System for the Cotton Cultivated Field in JinhuaQuzhou Loessal Hill Land
    Lu Ping-zhong, Chen Bo-qing, Lu Zhong-hua, He Bo-wei, Jiang Hai-yan
    1997, 13(3): 93-97.
    Abstract PDF
    Defonition and Determination of Impeller Strucrural Parameters of Screw Centrifugal Pump
    Chen Hong-xun, Zhu Ron-sheng
    1997, 13(3): 98-101.
    Abstract PDF
    Realization of Rationalization Object of Mechanical Agricultural Production System
    Xu Ji-hong, Chen Ji-qin
    1997, 13(3): 102-105.
    Abstract PDF
    Present Situation of Stripper Harvesting
    Yin Wen-qing
    1997, 13(3): 106-109.
    Abstract PDF
    The Aerodynamic Principle of a New Air Precision SeedMetering Device
    Zuo Chun-cheng, Ma Cheng-lin, Zhang Shou-qin, Wang Cheng-he
    1997, 13(3): 110-114.
    Abstract PDF
    The Development of a New Type of Pneumatic Precision Plastic Film Mulch Planter
    Dou Wei-guo, Wang Zhu-ying, Zhao Shi-jie, Du Wen-liang, Ma Rui-jun
    1997, 13(3): 115-118.
    Abstract PDF
    Study on Field Plant Distribution of Precision Planter With the Seed Drop Tube
    Ma Xu, Ma Cheng-lin, Zhang Shou-qin, Zhang Yun-feng
    1997, 13(3): 119-123.
    Abstract PDF
    Test and Research on Planting Apparatus With Both Conveyer Belt
    Li Qi-yun, Wang Zun-yuan
    1997, 13(3): 124-127.
    Abstract PDF
    Field Test Study on Flexible Bionics Technologies of Antiadhesion to Dump Trucks
    Wang Yun-peng, Ren Lu-quan, Li Jian-qiao, Sun Shi-yuan, Han Zai-ming
    1997, 13(3): 128-132.
    Abstract PDF
    Test and Analysis of Working Stress on Balance Beam and Lengthwise Beam of Dozer Frame——The forth paper of series “load spectrum study and development of dozer”
    Cheng Kai, Huang Kui-ying, Yang Yong-hai, Yu Gong-rui
    1997, 13(3): 133-135.
    Abstract PDF
    Test and Analysis About Working Stress on Oblique Supporting Arm of Dozer Frame——The fifth paper of series “load spectrum study and development of dozer”
    Cheng Kai, Qu Bing-feng, Liu Shu-xue, Yu Gong-rui
    1997, 13(3): 136-140.
    Abstract PDF
    Effect of Road Conditions on Reactive Power of DoubleAxle Drive Vehicles
    Chai Sheng-dian
    1997, 13(3): 141-144.
    Abstract PDF
    Fuzzy Shift Technology and Integrated Shift Schedule
    Shen Shui-wen, Ge An-lin
    1997, 13(3): 145-149.
    Abstract PDF
    The NiBase Alloy Cladding Layers Strengthened by WC and the Wear Resistance
    Xu Bin, Feng Cheng-ming, Zhang Ye-min, Zhang Ning, Li Yu-ming, Song Yue-peng
    1997, 13(3): 150-154.
    Abstract PDF
    Test Study on Frame Vibration of Agricultural Transporter
    Chen Bu-da, Jiang Hao-bin, Zhou Kong-kang
    1997, 13(3): 155-158.
    Abstract PDF
    The Effect of Sound-absorbing Lining on Interior Noise of Tractor Cab
    Wu Xiao-qing, Wang Deng-feng, Cheng Yue-sun, Wang Jun-ying
    1997, 13(3): 159-163.
    Abstract PDF
    Computer Aided Analysis of Forces Applied to Semimounted Plough
    Ying Yi-bin, Zhao Yun, Fu Bin-zhong, Jin Juan-qin, Cai Dong-ping
    1997, 13(3): 164-169.
    Abstract PDF
    Design and Performance Test of a New Type HandDuster
    Feng Jun
    1997, 13(3): 170-174.
    Abstract PDF
    Research and Implementation of New Technology of Pesticide Application to Prevent Insect Injuries on Cotton Plant
    Wang Wei-guo
    1997, 13(3): 175-179.
    Abstract PDF
    Selection and Evaluation of Focal Points and Technologies on Rural Energy Development Strategy
    Deng Ke-yun, Wang Ge-hua, He Liang
    1997, 13(3): 180-183.
    Abstract PDF
    Study and Application on Assessment Method and Software of Integrated Rural Energy Developing County
    Wang Ge-hua, Wang Hai
    1997, 13(3): 184-188.
    Abstract PDF
    (Report No.5 A test on the effect of injection and suction to the boundary layer of the diffuser) ——A WindTunnel Test on the Entirety Model of Concentrated Wind Energy Turbine
    Tian De, Guo Feng-xiang, Liu Shu-min, Huang Shun-cheng, Diao Ming-guang
    1997, 13(3): 189-192.
    Abstract PDF
    Study on Application of Vegetable Oils to DI Diesel Engines
    Sun Ping
    1997, 13(3): 193-196.
    Abstract PDF
    Studies on the Evaporative Pad Cooler Characteristics of EnergySaving and Environment Protection
    Wang Wei-de
    1997, 13(3): 197-202.
    Abstract PDF
    The Evaluation and Approach on Behaviour Engineering of Raising Equipment
    Wuenbatu, Yan Bao-rui, Wang Chun-guang
    1997, 13(3): 203-207.
    Abstract PDF
    Acoustic Properties of Fresh Agricultural Products and Its Application in Non-destructive Quality Evaluation
    Ying Yi-bin, Cai Dong-ping, He Wei-guo, Jin Juan-qin
    1997, 13(3): 208-212.
    Abstract PDF
    A Predictive Model of Strawberry Bruising Due to Vibration
    Chen Cui-ren, Cui Shao-rong, Fang Li-jun, Zheng Jin-fen, Yang Xiao-chun
    1997, 13(3): 213-216.
    Abstract PDF
    Effect of Ultrafiltration on Aroma Concentration of Strawberry Juice
    Cai Tong-yi, Li Jing-ming, Ni Yuan-ying, Yan Hong
    1997, 13(3): 217-220.
    Abstract PDF
    Studies on the Manufacture of LowLactose Milk Using Membrane and Enzymatic Technology
    Shi Zheng-xue, Zhang Jian-zhong, Gao Xi-yong
    1997, 13(3): 221-224.
    Abstract PDF
    Study on the Mortierella Mycelium Oil Extraction by Supercritical CO2 Fluid Technology
    Sun Ai-dong, Yin Zhuo-rong, Cai Tong-yi, Jing Feng-shui, Hao Lu-jiang, Ge Yi-qiang
    1997, 13(3): 225-229.
    Abstract PDF
    Extraction of Useful Ingredients From Ulmoides Olives Leaves
    Deng Yong, Peng Ming
    1997, 13(3): 230-234.
    Abstract PDF
    Research on the Application of the Ventilated Solid Fermenter
    Chen Yong-zhi, Zhang Lin-quan, Huang Shan-min, Hong Guo-qiang
    1997, 13(3): 235-239.
    Abstract PDF
    Study on the Optimization of MultipleEffect Evaporators With the Thermal Vapour Recompression for the Clarified Spent Wash
    Wang Pei-jin, Zhou Zuo-shen, Wu Wen-fu, Zhao Xue-du
    1997, 13(3): 240-243.
    Abstract PDF
    An Optimum Policy of Food Material Extractive Process
    Huang Chun-jian, Fu Qiu-sheng, Wang Shao-yun
    1997, 13(3): 244-246.
    Abstract PDF

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