Ponder Over Setting up the State Engineering-Technology Research Center of Agriculture
    Wei Qinfang
    2000, 16(6): 1-5.
    Abstract PDF
    Standardization of Greenhouse Identification in China
    Zhou Changji, Yang Zhensheng
    2000, 16(6): 6-10.
    Abstract PDF
    Research on Pulse Combustion Drying and Its Characteristics of Heat Transfer
    Li Baoguo, Liu Xiangdong, Cao Chongwen
    2000, 16(6): 11-14.
    Abstract PDF
    Experimental Study on Rheological Behavior of Cornstalk Fragment Convex Molding
    Yang Zhongping, Yan Xiaoli, Zhu Xinhua, Gao Mengxiang
    2000, 16(6): 15-17.
    Abstract PDF
    Tooth Profiles and Structural Characteristic of Ring Gear of Epicyclic Drive with Eccentric Wheel and Push Rod
    Tao Dongcai, Lu Yue′e, Yin Hong, Tang Chuzhou, Wu Mingyue
    2000, 16(6): 18-21.
    Abstract PDF
    Computer Aided Analysis of Ball Joint in Separated Assistant Steering Mechanism
    Sun Songlin, Tao Dongcai, Liu Qiding, Liu Jimin
    2000, 16(6): 22-25.
    Abstract PDF
    Semi-Empirical Tire Model of Non-Steady State Side Slip Properties
    Hou Yongping, Li Chenggang, Guo Konghui
    2000, 16(6): 26-28.
    Abstract PDF
    Arable-Land Use Change and Its Effects on the Grain Production in China
    Chen Youqi
    2000, 16(6): 29-32.
    Abstract PDF
    Analysis of Economic Feasibility of Laser-Controlled Leveling Procedure
    Xu Di, Li Yinong, Li Fuxiang
    2000, 16(6): 33-37.
    Abstract PDF
    Field Evaluation of Yield Response of Winter Wheat to Uniformity of Sprinkler Applied Fertilizer
    Li Jiusheng, Rao Minjie
    2000, 16(6): 38-42.
    Abstract PDF
    Optimal Model of Rotation Irrigation Distribution Channel and Branch Canal and Delivery Time
    Lü Hongxing, Xiong Yunzhang, Wang Zhinong
    2000, 16(6): 43-46.
    Abstract PDF
    Different Forms of Organic Nitrogen Loss in Soil by Runoff in Slope Land of Loess Plateau
    Zhang Xingchang, Shao Ming′an
    2000, 16(6): 47-51.
    Abstract PDF
    Influence of Moisture Content on Infiltration Characteristics in Seasonal Frozen and Thawed Soils
    Zheng Xiuqing, Fan Guisheng
    2000, 16(6): 52-55.
    Abstract PDF
    Environmental Effect of Terraced Field Construction on the Arid Hillside Land in Karst Mountainous Areas in Guizhou Province
    Fan Houming, Long Guo, Nie Wei
    2000, 16(6): 56-59.
    Abstract PDF
    Mechanization Profit Portion Estimation in China's Plant Products Industry
    Hong Renbiao, Yang Bangjie, Jia Shuanxiang
    2000, 16(6): 60-63.
    Abstract PDF
    Mechanization Profit Portion Estimation in Plant Products Industry in Shaanxi Province
    Yang Qing, Zhu Ruixiang, Zhang Jie, Han Wenting
    2000, 16(6): 64-67.
    Abstract PDF
    Design of Arc Spring-Tooth Type Collector for Collecting Mulching Plastic Film the Collecting Property Analysis
    Lu Boyou, Yang Qing, Xue Shaoping, Feng Yuanjing
    2000, 16(6): 68-71.
    Abstract PDF
    Experimental Study on the Self-Excited Vibration Subsoiler for Reducing Draft Force
    Qiu Lichun, Li Baofa
    2000, 16(6): 72-76.
    Abstract PDF
    Investigation of Short Living Cavitation and Its Characteristics in Diesel Fuel Injection System
    He Yongling, Zhao Zhihe, Liu Jianxin, Zong Yongping, Du Huiyong, Li Min, Zhang Yanhui, Ding Chuan, Jie Zhan
    2000, 16(6): 77-80.
    Abstract PDF
    Effect of Multifunctional Plastic Film Transfering Violet Ray to Red Light (VTR) Applied in Field
    Fu Minghua, Wang Xiude, Gu Zhonglan, Liao Zhaoxiong, Zhu Aifeng
    2000, 16(6): 81-84.
    Abstract PDF
    Preliminary Experimental Study on Aphid-Killing by Using Static Electricity
    Yan Qinlao, Xue Shaoping, Zhu Lin, Xi Xinmin
    2000, 16(6): 85-87.
    Abstract PDF
    Keeping Well-Known Local Speciality “Cangxi” Pear in Storage and Fresh
    Luo Xuegang, Zeng Mingying, Han Shunli, Tang Wei
    2000, 16(6): 88-91.
    Abstract PDF
    Vibrating and Spraying Washer of Vegetable
    Gao Yingwu, Liu Yijun, Ren Shuguang, Xia Yanbin, Quang Lazheng
    2000, 16(6): 92-95.
    Abstract PDF
    Treatment of Rice Hull by Steam Explosion Process
    Lü Xiuyang, Xia Wenli, Sakoda Akiyoshi, Suzuki Motoyuki
    2000, 16(6): 96-98.
    Abstract PDF
    Research on Pineapple Leaf Fiber Extraction and Processing Equipment
    Zhang Jing, Yao Xinmao, Li Mingfu, Ou Zhongqing
    2000, 16(6): 99-103.
    Abstract PDF
    Concentrating Octacosanol by Using Supercritical CO2Extraction Technique
    Ma Haile, Yao Zhong, Wu Shouyi
    2000, 16(6): 104-106.
    Abstract PDF
    Numerical Simulation of Simultaneous Heat and Mass Transfer During Intermittent Drying of Potato Slices
    Wang Jun, Liu Zhenghuai
    2000, 16(6): 107-109.
    Abstract PDF
    Effects of Several Extruding Parameters on Cottonseed Meal De-gossypol Process by Twin-Screw Extrusion
    Zhou Jianguo, Wang Hongwu, Lin Bingjian
    2000, 16(6): 110-113.
    Abstract PDF
    Application of Wavelet Transform Technology to the Improvement of Analyzing Accuracy of Vinegar Near-Infrared Spectrum
    Li Huabei, Chen Bin, Zhao Jiewen, Fang Ruming
    2000, 16(6): 114-117.
    Abstract PDF
    Separation Methods and Extracting Technology of Baicalin
    Han Lujia, Yan Qiaojuan, Jiang Zhengqiang, Liu Xiangyang
    2000, 16(6): 118-122.
    Abstract PDF
    Superfine Grinding and Surface Characters of Spices
    Sun Junshe, Wu Xiaohua
    2000, 16(6): 123-125.
    Abstract PDF
    Shape Identification of Fertile Eggs by Using Computer Vision
    Zhou Weizhong, Feng Xinhai, Sun Guoji
    2000, 16(6): 126-130.
    Abstract PDF
    Application of Neural Network Pattern Recognition to Discriminating the Production Conditions of Bacillus Thuringiensis
    Zhang Yi, Nie Fengguang
    2000, 16(6): 131-134.
    Abstract PDF
    Study on the Microcontroller Monitor System of Large Wheel Type Tractors
    Wang Xi, Wang Xinzhong
    2000, 16(6): 135-137.
    Abstract PDF
    Micro-Hole Vibration Drilling Simulation Based on Artificial Neural Network
    Zhao Hongwei, Zang Xuebai, Zhang Xuli, Zhang Zeping, Wang Lijiang
    2000, 16(6): 138-140.
    Abstract PDF
    Direct Torque Control (DTC) of An Alternator With Adaptive Parameter Observer
    Liu Guohai, Wang Deming
    2000, 16(6): 141-143.
    Abstract PDF

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